Can Your Clinical And Safety Data Join You In The Cloud?
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Can Your Clinical And Safety Data Join You In The Cloud?



In our last “cloud fact or fiction” post, we identified several reasons why hosting clinical and pharmacovigilance systems is just as safe as housing them on-premises. In fact, in many cases it could prove to be safer. This week we’ll briefly discuss migrating data to the cloud. 

Claim #6: Data from on-site clinical and safety systems cannot be migrated to solutions in the cloud.

Fact or fiction? Fiction.

Data can be migrated from on-site systems into hosted ones, just like you would do for in-house data migrations. Having a system hosted does not limit data migration methods or sources.

Clinical and safety system data migration sources can include:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Microsoft Access databases
  • Homegrown / in-house developed applications
  • Previously-used solutions, whether hosted or in-house
  • Other hosted or in-house systems

Check back next time as we’ll discuss integrating clinical and safety systems in the cloud. To read past posts in the “cloud fact or fiction” series, click here.

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