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Salesforce: Customer Company – Chicago

McCormick Place – Chicago

Waiting for Marc to hit the stage in this ‘intimate’ town hall here is Chicago.  A client of ours,, is talking about how they use Salesforce to help sell and crunch data:

  1.  Adding value to the data through customizing reporting back from the dealer giving a better experience for the consumer.
  2. “we love chatter” – it is THE tool that makes work better.  Onboarding has never been more fun that using Chatter.
  3. Every person at the edge of the company, regardless of their role, are now the face of the company and that can ONLY happen with Chatter, Service Cloud and Salesforce.

As part of the 1% Salesforce Foundation, the Cara Foundation who helps the homeless community from the Chicago area get back on the street – they call them ‘students’.  Here is how they are impactful on becoming a Customer (student) Company

  1. They track progress of job placements and prospects and dashboard KPI’s
  2. Social savings
  3. They would love to build a student management system – a big opportunity.

Digi International takes the stage about how they use the SFDC platform to build the ‘social machine’.  They enable the external world of business processes of connected devices.

  1. They use SF data to provide industrial predictive diagnostics
  2. pushing service on the Service Cloud from a passive to active and proactive case building to solve issues before they are ‘issues’

Salesforce Mobile is changing the way customers and companies view and transform desktop and mobile enablement.  Its not about a mobile strategy that adds to your software portfolio.  iPads are in mines, ships, drilling rigs and you can push SFDC data – thinking at the level of the problem you are solving not the device you are developing.

Marc takes the stage.  “We are here to listen to you.”  Feedback isn’t through a form on a website. Its on a social basis – his email, twitter, Facebook.  Cloud, Social and Mobile is the compass of SFDC.  Customers need to connect with customers in a whole new way.  Connected, Driven, Obsessed, Focused, Truster and bottom line a customer company.   What does it mean to be a customer company?  Its NOT about the technology.  Connecting with customers in a whole new way.  We are here to open a door to the future.  Everything changing because everything is on the network.  Connecting to the internet of things.  To connect with the internet of things its a transformation of how you do business.  Its a customer evolution not a technology (r)evolution.  Its a social revolution, a mobile revolution, big data revolution, community revolution, cloud revolution, trust revolution, customer revolution.

Every customer customer needs to ask these 5 questions and answer them:

How do you market to customers whne they everywhere?

How do you service customers who are on every channel?

How to sell as a team with your customer?

How do yo build a customer platform?

How do you transform the way you work?

Salesforce isn’t CRM, its more and its less which makes it magic and transformative in how businesses do business.  To learn more about how you can use Salesforce to change your company, visit us at or tweet me @jdistad – get real and social.

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