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eMail Response for inbound Email


1. If there’s SR Number in the Subject, we have to create the Email – Inbound Activity for the inbound Email under the related SR

2. If there’s Confidential in the Subject, we have to set the Private Flag to true for the activity we created.

Part 1: How to set the Communication Profile in the application so that Siebel application can send Email

1. Navigate to Administration – Communications -> Communications Drivers and Profiles, Query the drivers whose Channel is Email. Match the Channel String and modify the ‘Default SMTP Profile’,set up the profile parameters like the following pictures. Also you can create a new profile for the new requirement. Note: After the modification, we have to click the Submit Profile Changes in the Menu of Profile List Applet.

2. Tested the profile setting. Nevigate to Service Request List Applet. Press F9 and the Sending Email Applet would be popped up. Choose the Profile you setted on step 1, fill the email address, subject and email body, click send button. Waiting for a while to check if the the mailbox recieves the email.

3. You can also check the status of the outbound email by nevigating to Administration – Communications -> All Outbound Requests.


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