Siebel Analytics Overview and Practicing

It is aware that Siebel is the top 1 software in customer relationship management in either vertical or horizon industry. As an important part of business intelligence, Siebel analytics was usually marketed along with Siebel industry application to install in many organizations as a whole application set. In late 2005, Oracle acquired Siebel application and started to integrate and streamline all CRM & BI products such as Hyperion, Oracle Warehouse internally.

The Oracle BI app version that I am currently working and implementing on is 7.9.6. Oracle provides a  great deal of tool sets and pre-built solutions to support analytics in industries oriented (Telecommunication, Government, Healthcare etc) or function oriented(HR, Service, Sales, Finance, Loyalty etc) requirement. The software typically includes Siebel Applications, Siebel Warehouse, Informatica Powercenter, Data Warehouse Admin Console (DAC) and OBIEE. Usually it is comprise of Server and Clients parts among these applications. For example, after OBIEE application is installed, there will be OBIEE server, Admin tool, presentation server, OC4J on the computer. The below chart simply depicts relationship between each components.

To conclude it, we can comment that Siebel App team works on Siebel WebClient and tools related development stuff, whilst Siebel Warehouse team works on ETL related stuff and OBIEE team works on reporting/answer/dashboard related stuff.  It requires different techniques and knowledge.

If you are a Siebel developer and you want to extend your technical domain of Siebel analytics, you are encouraged to learn BI foundation, ETL (particularly Informatica) and job scheduling mechanism;

If you are a ETL developer on Informatica, you should learn about Siebel app development and Siebel warehouse prebuilt data modeling (all W_*_S and W_*_D tables);

If you are a reporting developer and you have mastered the technology of other tools such as BO, it will be fast that you begin with working on Oracle BI enterprise reporting. Nevertheless, you are commended to learn about Siebel schema (all S_* tables) and data warehouse schema.

There is actually much stuff that practitioners can get ramped up in Siebel analytics field so he/she should have a focus on one part of them. Most importantly, Oracle provides industry oriented solution and code repository in Siebel tools, warehouse, DAC, Informatica and OBIEE layers. That is to say, the developers have to spend lots of time to get familiar with industry domain knowledge.


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