Code Kata Plus

What is Code Kata?

Code kata is a concept that proposes to hone programmer’s skill by doing small problems many times trying to improve the code at each iteration.

Code Kata Plus?

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Get Informed

But as a programmer, we are not programming in a vacuum. We use tools, commands, IDE etc. Start paying attention to these things during your kata sessions:

  1. How many key strokes or mouse clicks does it take to:
    • Locate a compilation error
    • Reformat your code
    • Run a test
    • Refactor a piece of code
    • Trace a function
    • Pull up a shell in the current directory
    • Commit to version control
    • Locate mismatch parentheses
    • Switch between test code and production code
    • Auto complete with code snippets
    • Arrange windows in the right position and size
  2. What’s the right color theme, font and font size for your eyes?

Don’t just improving yourself, improve you tools, it’s a more holistic approach. If you are not constantly programming your programing environment you are not taking full advantage of your own skill. Try to improve a few things, you’ll see the difference in your next iteration.

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