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Placeholders in the CMC – Business Objects(I)

Usually, after we finish developing a Crystal Report rpt with sufficient unit testing according to the report requirement, the next step is to upload it onto the CMC (Central Management Console) or InfoView server for scheduling. During the scheduling, we will be asked to walk through several steps (recurrence, schedule for, notification, database connection, filters, format, destination, etc.) to provide a lot of information. To facilitate the process, BO provides scheduling placeholders to provide the information on demand. Crystal Reports 2008 and the related CMC is used to test the placeholder in this post.

Placeholder Variables

Please follow the steps below to check out the variables:

1. Log on to CMC -> Click on Folders
2. Select that particular report, right click to pop up the context menu -> Select Schedule
3. In the left pane of the pop-up, up to 13 steps that we will be able to configure for scheduling
4. Most likely, we set placeholders for the following two steps: Notification, and Destination
5. Click on Destination -> Select “File System” for Destination

6. Select one item from “Add placeholder…” list, the value will be filled in “Use Specific Name”, such as %SI_NAME% for “Title”. Placeholders contain read-only values and the placeholder names begin and end with the percentage character %.
7. Log on to CMC -> Click on Servers
8. In “Servers List”, right click on “DestinationJobServer”, and select “Destination” from the context menu
9. In the pop-up window, select “Email”, scroll down to “Subject”, “Message” area where we are able to set placeholder, too. From this list, we will be able to select “Viewer Hyperlink” to be included in the email message so that end user can click on the link with report variables to navigate to the report quickly.

Thoughts on “Placeholders in the CMC – Business Objects(I)”

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