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Zaarly – crowdsourced commerce

Yet another, ‘why didn’t I think of that’.  Actually, the other evening I did talk with a friend over dinner about something similar to  I am an addict of looking and sometimes buying stuff on Craigslist but it is certainly not too visually appealing.  Zaarly is a the fix.  As a test, I posted that I needed a part of my house painted, set a price and within MINUTES I had my first request.  The homepage is a mix of LivingSocial and Pinterest

And you can search for people looking or offering items on a map – super cool.

Then you get offers and can respond inline in the application – no more emails and the like from craigslist.

If you haven’t tried Zaarly out – I would highly suggest it.  Great option for offering and I will use it A LOT.

Thoughts on “Zaarly – crowdsourced commerce”

  1. Love Zaarly concept. is an online service that uses a cloud labor platform to perform customization tasks. With over 7,000 nationwide agents, WeGoLook will dispatch an agent on your behalf to the location of items, property or people to verify or inspect by taking photos, videos, and observing working demonstrations. They can also arrange transport and will customize B2B reporting templates for any type of asset.

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