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People Centric vs Content Centric

I think we sometimes overlook a key difference in what we are doing with collaboration today vs how we tried to make it work in the past.   In IT, we like objects.  We like to store data. We like to store documents.  We like to create Master Data Management systems.   All too often, we forget that there is a goal.  There are people who actually deal with these business process that drive towards a specific goal.  In doing so, we forget that it’s really about the people.   People collaborate with people.  Let me give you an example.  When you are new at the job, is your first tendency to dive into a library and start reading a bunch of documents?  Or is your first tendency to find the person who has been around for years and who will point you in the right direction?  I bet most people choose the latter.

All that said, I ran across a blog on that exact topic. Louis Richardson on the Collaboration Soapbox has a presentation on that topic.  You might find it interesting.

Thoughts on “People Centric vs Content Centric”

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