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Evangelize BI Evangelism

So you’ve spent an extraordinary amount of time and resources implementing a top notch BI solution at your organization and no one is using it, or at least they say they are not. So what now? Well, chances are people are using it without even knowing.
Many organizations face this dilemma going live with their first BI solution. Users of the system either do not use the system because they are not familiar with the tools, do not know it exists, or, in fact, are using the system without knowing it. When this happens seek out and create Evangelists as they probably already exist within your company. The key is to find those who are using the system (even those who do not realize it) and engage them on what they are using and why. Find out why they find it useful and what it offers that they could not obtain prior to the system’s implementation. Also, find out what they are not using and why. Re-evaluate the usefulness of certain aspects of your system and act accordingly. If the soon to be Evangelist is of the C-Level, even better. They not only can evangelize the product for you but can dictate the system’s usage.
If you are using SQL Server Analysis Services discovering the power users is easily achieved by tracking usage through the SSAS Usage Log.
After all a BI solution is only successful if there is user adoption.
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