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Mobile Web Best Practices

Today Perficient released a White Paper I co-wrote with DeeDee DeMulling (@ddemulling) on Mobile Best Practices.  Its a really exciting time in mobility and specifically around the future of mobile experiences.  To-date there has been a great deal of buzz around apps and whether a business has an “app for that”.  Going forward businesses need to take a more agnostic approach to mobile experiences.  Whether you are going down the road of the likes of IBM Mobile Accelerator or creating a new online banking Android and iPhone App, enterprises need  to keep an open mind to all devices.  Now that there are standards and frameworks for mobile web it is easier to create an app-like experiences without locking developers and businesses down to a single or small subset of devices.  Don’t throw darts (and budget) at the wall hoping for a bulls-eye.  Have a strategy that is collaborative and fluid that will allow IT and business to grow as the market demand and devices change.

In the collaboration space, most of the tools have some really great enterprise-ready mobile versions of their applications whether its Chatter, Connections, Jive, Sametime or Quickr – they are all expanding their out-of-box support for mobile devices.  But again, with standards and frameworks out there, creating experiences for non-supported devices is becoming increasingly more attainable.

Or as Michael Porter blogged about around Portal and mobility, its becoming a near-must requirement in Portals.

Bottom line, if you have been considering mobility or what to think about in you mobile strategy and roadmap, its worth a download and read.

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