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SXA Sort search results by distance for mapped multiple locations

Challenge: We have seen how to sort the locations i.e., POI items by distance based on the current user location or the location given by the user. (Refer to the post – SXA Map component Part 3 for more detail.) In this post, we will explore how to sort non-POI items’ search results by distance. […]


SXA Map component Part 3 Show distance in POI Marker

Hi Folks! Welcome back. In the previous post, we had set up the Map with all the markers supplied in the data source, and to not get affected by the Search Results on the page, we provided the Search Results Signature to Map Control Properties. And have placed the Location Finder. In this case, the […]

Man placing red block to bridge a gap between unpainted blocks

SXA Map component Part 2 With Search results and Location Finder

Hi Folks! In the previous post – SXA Map component, we have seen how to configure the Map component. In this post, let’s explore the Map component behavior in conjunction with the “Location Finder” and the “Search results” components. This is the second post in the series of an SXA Map component. SXA Map component […]