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Vue.js Components in Sitecore Experience Editor

One of the hot JavaScript frameworks these days is Vue.js and it has started to regularly find its way into modern web and Sitecore development. At Perficient, we’re always looking to keep our customers modernized in terms of technology and have embraced Vue.js in a number of our Sitecore implementations. Vue works quite well with […]

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To branch or not to branch? Part II

In my previous post we talked about the major purpose for which the branch templates were originally invented: create different kinds of hierarchies in one click. We covered one of the cases: page hierarchy. Now let’s have a look at another case. Renderings Hierarchy (Case II) Another type of the hierarchy that is often created […]

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WFFM Hurt My Rendering Model

Rendering Model It’s very common to inherit your Sitecore MVC models from RenderingModel. The pipelines will call the Initialize() on it and you’ll get access to the rendering’s context item via Model.Item (read more about it here). It’s also not uncommon to reuse your rendering models as a submission container for a custom form in […]

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Cascading MVC renderings in Sitecore 7

I will make a short break in my series about YouTube Video Picker. This one is worth it. MVC Pipelines You have probably seen Alex Shyba’s post on how to cascade renderings in Sitecore 6.5. It’s a neat solution with a little twist to the insertRenderings pipeline (called as part of renderLayout). It’s great but […]