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Female It Specialist

SCSS Mixins Vs Extends: Which to Use and When

Ever felt a twinge of confusion when faced with the decision of whether to use a mixin or extend in SCSS? You’re not alone. Today, we’re going on a journey together, where you’ll discover the complexity of mixins and extends, and by the end, you’ll know exactly when to employ each one. Let’s dive in, […]

Student Searching For A Book In The Library System

Integrate Library in Sitecore SXA

While working on Sitecore SXA projects, we came across a requirement where we needed to integrate a library in SXA without reinventing the wheel. Hence, we will check this thing using an example of integrating Bootstrap Modal in Sitecore SXA. So, multiple times, we encounter a need where some content must be displayed in pop-up. […]

Maintenance Cloud

Postman Workspace: A Collaboration Tool for API Testing

Postman workspaces are a way to organize your work with Postman. They can be used to share collections, environments, and variables with others. There are Four Different Types of Workspaces in Postman: Personal workspaces are only visible to you. Private workspaces are only visible to you and to any team members you invite to them. […]