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Debt Collection Strategies Podcast Wba Wp

10 Takeaways From Our “Transforming Debt Collections and Recovery Functions” Podcast

Scott Albahary, Perficient’s financial services chief strategist, and I recently spoke with the Western Bankers Association about using empathy and personalization strategies to improve debt collection and recoveries. If you get a chance, listen to the short episode. But, if you can’t, here are the key points Scott and I make: Banks responded generously to […]

Connecting Loyalty, Analytics, and Personalization in the Payments Industry

Organizations that love data-driven decision-making suffer from the same challenge. How do we earn trust from consumers to get the right data about them, all in an effort to serve them better? This classic problem of “if I knew more, I could do more” is most easily solvable by the following axiom: “With the correct […]

Be a Retailer That Stands for Something

Standing for something as a brand is about being bigger than just the products you sell. Establishing your position on topics of social responsibility, promoting your brand values and culture, and supporting worthwhile causes through your philanthropic efforts are great ways to connect to your community on an emotional level and catch the attention of […]

How (and How Not) to Retain Your B2B Customers

Your most valuable customers are the ones who keep coming back. How can you keep customers engaged enough to choose you again? How easily can your customers reorder or get practical information and education (guidelines) about products? Do you have dedicated client applications aimed at keeping them updated with useful information such as shipping status […]

Creating a Brand Community Among Your Customers

Everybody loves to be loved, right? Your brand’s community is the following of loyal customers that surrounds your products. A strong community can be an excellent resource for your brand, as it strengthens your retention rates, boosts repeat sales, and provides you with advocates who can help promote your products and support you during a […]

More Friends, Fewer Acquaintances: The Value of Repeat Customers

For so long, commerce businesses have been dedicating the vast majority of their marketing dollars to simply gaining new customers and leaving it at that. Customer acquisition will always be important, but many retailers are now seeing the enormous value returning customers add to their initial marketing investments and are capitalizing on these existing relationships […]

Want Loyalty? Reward Them with CX

Companies and brands are building loyal customers the way real people are building loyal relationships with each other: one interaction at a time. Each and every interaction is a new opportunity to prove ourselves, build credibility and trust, and leave customers with a memorable experience.  The true measure of loyalty is not how many points […]

Forrester CX: Loyalty and Marriott International

We are live-blogging from Forrester’s CXNYC this week, the event for customer experience leaders, innovators, and practitioners. John Dalton interviewed Thom Kozick from Marriott International. John: Is it about loyalty? Thom: I was brought on to rethink our loyalty.  Even with SPG joining Marriott, they will only have 15% marketshare in the US. John: You […]

8 Ways To Enable Digital Transformation In Financial Services

My colleague, Elizabeth Dias, recently pointed me to a white paper from Akamai, the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, which discussed eight considerations for enabling digital transformation in financial services. For those not familiar with digital transformation, the trend revolves around using newer technology to improve the overall customer experience. It’s about […]

4 Lessons in Digital Disruption for Retailers

This great article published by (an Adobe publication) two days ago, “Digital Disruption In Retail: Marketers’ Work ‘Not Even Close To Done’,” has four great takeaways for retailers facing the concept of digital disruption and transformation. Lesson 1: Marketers and merchants are still trying to work through the growing pains of omnichannel retail Many large […]

Digital Transformation for Retailers (Part 2 of 5): Why?

Perficient has been covering broad digital transformation trends for a while, and the Consumer Markets team here at Perficient wanted to highlight how the principles of digital transformation apply specifically to brands and retailers. In our opener of our “Digital Transformation in Retail” series, we urged these companies to become particularly deliberate about their own […]

Adobe Summit: Personalization and Profitability Adobe Target

Russell Lewis (Adobe) and Daniel Stubs (Conde Nast) spoke at Adobe Summit 2015 about how to combine a variety of tools for a personalized experience. A testing solution and personalization engine are only as effective as the quality of data fed to them. Combine the powerful data aggregation and audience mining capabilities of Adobe AudienceManager […]

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