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Top 5 Lessons of Day 1 at Hadoop Summit #HS16SJ

Perficient is at the Hadoop Summit in San Jose, CA and we’re tracking the best of the conference. Here’s the top 5 lessons from day 1: Apache Atlas for managing your business catalog is almost ready for prime time! It is not, however, ready to be a full fledged Records Management solution (no policy management, […]

Yarn - the Big Data Accelerator

Yarn – The Big Data Accelerator

Yarn….. Yes, Hadoop may be changing everything, but when Yarn was released, the change pedal has been pushed aggressively to the floor. Putting the technical details aside, the bottom-line is that now multiple concurrent workloads can be executed and managed on Hadoop clusters. This “pluggable” service layer has separated the data processing and cluster resource […]

Making Big Data Real

Update from the Hadoop Summit: Its only part way through day one and there is an un-mistakable theme: Interactive SQL on top of Hadoop is here, and in a big way.   Stinger, Impala, and a number of other niche providers are not promising, but delivering on interactive SQL.   Benchmarks, case studies of production clients, hands […]