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Office 365 – Exchange Hybrid Issues With “Out of Sync Attributes”

For the most part, Directory Synchronization with Exchange Hybrid is fairly straight-forward. Your Active Directory is authoritative for nearly every attribute in Exchange Online with only a handful of attributes being written-back to the on-premises directory. If you want to change an attribute such as an email address, you make the change in Active Directory […]

Office 365 – SSL Certificate Maintenance Tasks To Plan For

It should come as no surprise that Office 365, being a secure service, has a number of SSL certificates in play. Some are owned and managed by Microsoft and some, depending on your on-premises components, are certificates that you are responsible for maintaining. Failure to keep track of these certificates could result in an interruption […]

Exchange Hybrid – The Unspoken Limitations That You Should Know

During the inaugural Microsoft Ignite conference, I was selected to present a “community theater” session; my session was titled “Exchange Hybrid – The Unspoken Limitations That You Should Know”. The idea around this session was the we should always know the capability of a technology before deploying it into production. The earlier we can identify […]