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Zach Dumke

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Google’s Paid Feed Feature: Is Dynamic Targeting Right for You?

If you keep up with Google AdWords trends, you know that recently dynamic targeting expanded into what Google is calling “Page Feeds.” Per Google, Page Feeds give you “additional control over your DSA campaigns to ensure only relevant products and services are shown to your customers. Simply provide us with a feed of what you […]

Using Automated Imports to Sync AdWords Campaigns to Bing

Let’s not beat around the bush, Google is king in the paid search arena. In most cases, the majority of a paid search marketer’s time is spent working within Google because of the sheer volume it has over Bing when it comes to regular users and daily search volume. According to, Google controls almost […]

New AdWords Device Targeting: Tablet Goes Solo

The Change Recently, Google announced a lot of new features that are coming to their search advertising platform, AdWords.  One of them being expanded text ads, which you can read about here.  Another big one announced was complete device targeting on AdWords.  Now, advertisers will be able to set bid adjustments at all three device […]

AdWords Expanded Text Ads and Why You Should Care

The Big Bang…in Digital Marketing Since the beginning of AdWords theoretical time, ad structure for AdWords has been as follows: 25 characters in the headline, 35 characters for description line 1, 35 characters for description line 2, and 35 characters for the display URL. On May 24th, Google decided to shake up the entire digital […]

Google Moving Away From “Competitive Bid” to “Minimum Bid” Model?

What’s going on, Google? For years, Google has had an algorithm that states, as simply as possible, you only have to bid higher than the person below, while having a better ad experience to compete in the AdWords landscape.  This, for some brands, meant they could bid as low as they pleased on branded terms […]