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Sohit Kanwar

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Automating REST services using Soap UI Pro

“A Web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network. It is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.” There are various tools available to test web services. Some of them are Soap UI, Soap UI Pro, Test Maker, Web Inject etc. The most common tool we use is Soap UI. Soap-UI […]

Read/Write from Excel using Sahi Automation Tool

While automating an application, taking the modern automation frameworks into consideration it becomes a necessary action to make our script interact with an excel sheet or csv data file in order to read and write the data. Usually we use excel sheet, as this provides more organized way of storing the data. Let’s see the […]

Mobile Automation Testing using Selenium Webdriver

Nowadays, compatibility testing is in great demand as it gives us the confidence to say whether the application is usable across multiple platforms. One of the most used platforms available in today’s world is Mobile. So the question here is whether the application is usable across different Mobile platforms? There are n number of Mobile […]

Configuration of Sahi Automation tool

There are various Automation tools available in the market and open source tools have this upper hand over the licensed ones because there is always an extra investment needed to buy the commercial product. If the goal is achieved with an open source tool and is reliable then why to go for a licensed one? […]

Limitations of Automation Testing

So far we have seen what Automation can do to help us in reducing human effort, time, cost etc.  Here I will discuss few scenarios for which either Automation can’t be done or is not required. There are certain tasks which can be performed only using Automation tools such as Load, Endurance, and Scalable Performance […]

Use of VBScript with Selenium to connect to database

While most of the Automation scripts manipulate just the UI of an application, by making our scripts communicate with database we can accomplish more complicated tasks. Here is an example:- Suppose you have to automate an application which works on online voting system where in once the vote is casted using the application, it goes […]

Data driven testing using Selenium

Let’s see what Data Driven testing is? “It is an automation framework where test input and/or output values are read from data files. The different data files may include ODBC sources, csv files, Excel files, ADO objects, etc. The data is then loaded into variables in recorded or manually coded scripts.” Now let’s take an […]

Types of Automation Framework

“A Test Automation framework is a set of assumptions, concepts and tools that provide support for automated software testing”. So why do we need Automation framework. Can’t we just record the steps of any test case using the automation tool and playback whenever we want to execute the testcase? The answer is ‘NO’. Let’s see the Record/Playback Myth. […]

Automating Math Captcha using Selenium IDE

What is Captcha? Sounds like a core technical jargon, which in reality isn’t. “Captcha is a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a human being.” You might have noticed in some registration pages, at the end of it there is an image which has some letters displayed on […]

Selenium Test Automation using Ant

Before I start, let’s discuss why do we need automation? A very common answer would be to reduce human effort, time and most importantly to do regression testing again and again. I am working as an Automation tester along with the manual testing team. My task is to create regression test scripts in Selenium and deliver the […]