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Steve Evans

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Physician Enthusiastic About Social Media

This article succinctly describes a physician’s discovery, implementation and use of social media and portal tools to communicate engage and transact with his target audience. He clearly delineates between the public, opinion type of communication to a broad audience from the private, secured message communication for patient specific questions and processes. He respects the audience […]

Physicians use of social media

I recently met with a group of physicians to discuss connecting to communities and use of social media (SM). There was agreement for the need and indeed a desire to communicate and interact more frequently with patients. There was agreement on the need to use tools that many in the community are using to interact […]

Connected Health Communities – Part 1

Facebook. Twitter. Ning. Blogging. MySpace. PHR. LinkedIn. Patient Portals. Web Enabled. Yahoo! Health. CaringBridge OMG!! What are healthcare organizations to do? Online communication and interaction has grown significantly in the last 5 years. Our patients are expecting us to communicate and build relationships in the same way they associate with other businesses. Facebook was started […]