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Minjun Wang

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100% code based configuration in Spring MVC

If you’re a JEE developer, you must be bored with XML configuration. Thanks to new features of Spring project, now you can have a 100% code based configuration for a web application. Here are some tips:

Compare SQL, NoSQL and NewSQL

Because of the popularity of mobile devices and other reasons, nowadays more and more companies have a large data store than before. The unit of data in big Internet companies like Google or Alibaba is PB or even EB.  How to store and fetch big data efficiently becomes a very interesting topic. There are three […]

Some problems in Agile software development practices

I surely think that Agile development methodology has an advantage over traditional development methodologies. But I’ve also found some problems in my Agile practices. I want to discuss them and the possible solutions in this article. 1. Do we still need an architect? I noticed there is no architect in many Agile teams, even in […]

Rhomobile Rhodes – a scalpal for a web developer to develop native mobile apps

Web developers, are you eager to make some nice mobile applications but afraid to learn various kinds of development languages and SDKs? Nowadays, making mobile application is a popular and exciting experience. But, considering there are so many different devices, even making application for mainstream mobile platforms is not an easy job. You have to […]

Grails: How to configure additional beans

As you may know, Grails is actually a Spring MVC application in disguise.  Meanwhile dependency injection is the key point of Spring. Thus a quite natural problem for newcomers to Grails is that: how to configure more beans? Actually it’s as easy as in Spring.

Ruby on Rails or Groovy on Grails, Pros and Cons-Minjun Wang

Author Minjun Wang  Lead technical consultant “RoR is an open-source web framework that’s optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.” excerpted from In my experience RoR is worthy of the name. Built upon a very beautiful and efficient language – Ruby, Rails has […]