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Michael Newberry

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Be a Retailer That Stands for Something

Standing for something as a brand is about being bigger than just the products you sell. Establishing your position on topics of social responsibility, promoting your brand values and culture, and supporting worthwhile causes through your philanthropic efforts are great ways to connect to your community on an emotional level and catch the attention of […]

Creating a Brand Community Among Your Customers

Everybody loves to be loved, right? Your brand’s community is the following of loyal customers that surrounds your products. A strong community can be an excellent resource for your brand, as it strengthens your retention rates, boosts repeat sales, and provides you with advocates who can help promote your products and support you during a […]

Relationships and Texting… and Marketing

You probably know comedian Aziz Ansari from his acclaimed TV series Parks and Recreation and Master of None, but have you read his sociology book? In 2015, Ansari partnered with (actual) social scientist Eric Klinenberg to pen Modern Romance, a New York Times best-seller that explores our quest for love in the age of smartphones. […]