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#hxdconf – Resources for Following the Healthcare Experience Design Conference

The first ever Healthcare Experience Design Conference is currently underway in Boston, and thanks to some active conference participants those of us who can’t be there in person can still follow along from afar. Here are some resources for doing just that: #hxdconf hashtag on Twitter Thuc Huynh’s blog Matthew Grocki’s blog The conference’s CrowdVine […]

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Real or Satire?

Quick-Lube Shop Masters Electronic Record Keeping Six Years Before Medical Industry KETTERING, OH–A comprehensive digital cataloging system that keeps track of its customers’ car maintenance history, oil-change needs, and past fuel-filter replacements puts Karl’s Lube & Go’s computerized record- keeping an estimated six years ahead of the medical industry’s, sources confirmed Friday… Alas, it’s from […]

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Healthcare Needs Disruptive Innovations in Meaning

I recently read the excellent Design Driven Innovation, Roberto Verganti’s fascinating take on how certain paradigm-shifting products and services are created. In it, he introduces the concept of “innovation in meaning,” which he contrasts throughout the book with “innovation in technology.” Here’s my high-level summary of the differences: Innovation in technology: new electronics, parts, components, […]

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Healthcare Informatics Made Easy?

This Fast Company article about the hot credit card-processing startup Square (their product is on the left side of the above image) got me thinking about health data, especially this snippet: Rabois says Square was designed to be the “Google Analytics” of small- to medium-size businesses, and unlike traditional POS systems, the app’s simple dashboard […]

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Twitter Saves the Day!

Here’s a fun video montage from a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy where tweet-happy residents collaborate with doctors from other facilities via Twitter to discover an alternative procedure during surgery. The first live-tweeted surgery (in real life) occurred over two years ago in January of 2009, when staff from the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit […]

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Massive Health

A new healthcare startup called Massive Health has been getting a lot of buzz recently. They are still in–as they call it–“ninja mode,” so there aren’t a lot of details about the products and services they will be offering. But it’s clear that the company is going to be focusing on driving behavior change by […]

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Getting Patients and Clinicians to Speak the Same Language

(via ePatientDave) You know how in science fiction movies the alien/human language barrier is overcome by some tiny electronic universal translator that instantaneously allows each party of a conversation to speak and listen in their native language? Google’s new voice-enabled Google Translate app (currently available for Android, iPhone likely coming soon) brings us one step […]

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Follow Perficient Healthcare on Twitter

Want to keep up with the latest news that we at Perficient Healthcare IT blog are following? Then follow @Perficient_HC on Twitter! If you really want to get into the weeds, you can follow some of the contributors individually: Liza Sisler: @lizasisler Christel Kellogg: @Gr8Wolf Erin Eschen: @ErinE Christopher Monnier: @chrismonnier

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Hashtag Empathy – Using Twitter to Listen to Patients

We at the Perficient Healthcare IT blog are big proponents of social media. As Liza recently outlined, social media offers numerous ways to find information and develop and deepen relationships. Along those same lines, I think social media offers some great tools for cultivating empathy. What do I mean by empathy? Dev Patnaik literally wrote […]

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The iPhonECG – Empowering Patients with Specialized Medical Data

The above video is a sneak preview of AliveCor’s iPhonECG, and is brought to us by, a brand new site devoted to categorizing, describing, and organizing medical apps. The iPhonECG has gotten a lot of well-deserved press, with many commentators remarking that the device is “proof that we are living in the future.” Indeed, […]

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Healthcare IT and the iPhone Effect

Today’s big news is that the iPhone will soon be available on the Verizon network, and Verizon was quick to reassure potential customers that its 3G network is ready for the onslaught of new iPhone users. The chart pictured above shows the impact of the iPhone 3G on the AT&T network (source), an impact that […]

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Personal Health Data: Giving Patients and Doctors Something To Talk About

One of the most intriguing movements in the healthcare industry today is participatory medicine. Participatory medicine holds a lot of promise and seems to be gaining momentum among both patients and healthcare professionals. Nevertheless, participatory medicine is far from the standard of care, and one of the biggest barriers is actually getting patients interested in […]

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Medical Abbreviations and the Official Do Not Use List

The above video clip, from the medical drama “Strong Medicine,” is loaded with medical abbreviations. BP, CBC, PT, PTT, EKG, and my favorite one: “stat.” Fun fact: the word “stat” is an abbreviation of the Latin word statim, which means “immediately.” Medical abbreviations and acronyms are deeply integrated into the workflows of healthcare practitioners, so […]

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How Standardized UI Conventions for Healthcare IT Can Improve Patient Care

The notion of standardized user interface (UI) elements for healthcare IT applications seems vastly warranted. As discussed in an earlier blog post, clinicians are often juggling several tasks at once and as such need applications that require a minimal expenditure of mental energy. A consistent experience across applications can help clinicians reliably and quickly find […]

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Disseminating Health Information Through Twitter

Last week my co-blogger Liza Sisler (@lizasisler) shared a great story about the power of Twitter in connecting people and ideas. As a straightforward one-to-many messaging service, Twitter offers a lot of different ways to disseminate knowledge. I think one of the most compelling use cases is in helping experts share information with non-experts–on Twitter, […]

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Healthcare User Experience and the Importance of Reimbursement

As a user experience designer, my goal is to help design products and software that are as easy, efficient, and enjoyable to use as possible. A critical part of this design process involves understanding the needs of the various stakeholders–everything from the need for end users to be able to use the product without hassle […]

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BREAKING: Clinicians Are Busy and Their Time is Important

Okay, the fact that clinicians are busy is not actually all that newsworthy–it’s pretty widely known. In fact, the one overarching characteristic that seems to be common among the different workflows practiced by the clinicians I’ve worked with is that clinicians are busy. Whether it’s dividing time between similar-but-different proprietary systems or working with different […]

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Understanding Clinician Workflows

As a user experience designer, my goal is to help design products and software that are as easy, efficient, and enjoyable to use as possible. When it comes to healthcare applications, a fundamental part of this process involves understanding the workflows and processes employed by clinicians in the course of their daily work. By understanding […]

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Allow Myself to Introduce…Myself

Hi, my name is Christopher Monnier, and I’m excited to begin blogging at the Perficient Healthcare IT blog! I’m a user experience designer at Perficient, prior to which I worked in product development in the medical device industry. I will be blogging primarily about the following topics: patient-centered healthcare the intersection of design and healthcare […]

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