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Austin Guyette

Senior Business Consultant in the Enterprise Content Intelligence group. Specializes in big data, analytic, and business process solutions that streamline business operations. Primarily serves clients in the Healthcare, Financial Services, and Insurance industries.

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A Digital Business Platform for Financial Services

This guest blog post was authored by Alfresco’s Raphael Allegre Complying with regulations and acquiring new customers were identified as the top 2 challenges facing the retail banking industry in a recent global survey  conducted by PwC.  Regulatory Compliance Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOx), OMB A-123, Data Privacy, Consumer Privacy, Check 21, SAS […]

Common Enterprise Security Risks

Today’s cybersecurity climate necessitates a sound understanding of security risks across your enterprise IT infrastructure from threats both outside and inside your organization. While outside threats seem to be the most worrisome and probably account for the majority of attempted attacks, according to SpectorSoft insider attacks cost companies a combined $40 billion in 2013. Most organizations […]

The Plugin-Free Web: Is Your Business Ready?

John and Amy sit down with their morning coffee and start browsing the news. Unfortunately, they both get served an advertisement with a malicious applet inside. John’s computer is passively infected with a virus which spreads inside his company’s network but Amy’s computer is unaffected and her company is safe. What’s the difference between John […]

Business Process Management Evolution, Part 5: Efficiency, Consistency, Compliance. Trex.

Efficiency, consistency, and compliance are three core tenants of Perficient’s Trex BPM solution. A BPM system should be efficient and help users achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. A BPM system should be consistent – it should help users process work by ensuring that the same procedures are followed every time a […]

Business Process Management Evolution, Part 4: Trex for Client Onboarding

In this blog series we examine BPM from multiple perspectives and you can find my last post Part 3 – The Perficient Approach here. Part 4 of our series looks at specific challenges faced by investor services firms in the client onboarding process. Unique Challenges in the Investor Services Industry Did you know that a […]

Business Process Management Evolution, Part 3: The Perficient Approach

In this blog series, we examine BPM from multiple perspectives and you can find my last post Part 2 – BPM as a Solution here. Part 3 of our series analyzes Perficient’s approach to BPM. The Perficient Approach The Perficient approach to BPM is predicated on the idea that large production BPM solutions will always […]

Business Process Management Evolution, Part 2: BPM as a Solution

In this blog series. we examine BPM from multiple perspectives, you can find Part 1 – BPM as a Tool here. Part 2 of our series analyzes BPM as it relates to business processes and defines the elements of a good production BPM solution. BPM as a Solution Instead of viewing BPM as a specific […]

Business Process Management Evolution, Part 1: BPM as a Tool

Over the last 30 years, what is now called Business Process Management (BPM) has evolved from simple workflow systems to a host of products and methodologies. As with any popular business concept, BPM has come to mean many different things to many different people.  At its crux, BPM is a discipline to apply systematic process […]