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How To Set Up .NET Core Web App With React & TypeScript

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If you are trying to build a .NET Core Web Application with React.js, there is a template that you can create your project with in Visual Studio. However, if you want to incorporate Typescript in your application, there are a few extra steps that you have to take. This blog post is possible thanks to Josh Kostal.


Create your .NET Core Web Application with the React.js template.

Bp10 1

Bp10 2

Once you create the project, head over to Visual Studio Code and open the folder containing the project. Right-click the ClientApp folder and delete it.

Bp10 3

Open up a new terminal.

Bp10 4

Step into the sub-folder by doing a ‘cd <name of your folder>’. Enter ‘npx create-react-app my-app –template typescript‘ to create your react application with typescript.

Bp10 5

You may delete these files at your discretion:

  • src/setupTests.ts
  • src/App.test.tsx
  • src/Index.css
  • WeatherForecast.cs
  • WeatherForecastController

Remove those lines that import any of the files deleted above.

Bp10 6

Step into the react app and ‘npm install –save bootstrap to install bootstrap. Click here for a reference.

Bp10 7

Now you can run ‘npm start’ to open up your application in your localhost!

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