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9 Must Have Marketing Metrics For Proving Impact

As marketers, we are tasked with proving impact to revenue to our organization. Proving what works is essential to understanding which channels are your best performers, establishing your marketing team as a revenue generator in the eyes of the C-Suite and also for acquiring your needed marketing budget.
As an agency, we guide marketing teams like yours on how to best demonstrate their successes with detailed and accurate measurement. Today we are sharing 9 must have metrics all marketers should aim to have in their arsenal. Download this infographic as a handy tool to reference as you put your attribution picture together.

If you prefer a text version, here’s the list again:

1. Pipeline Influenced by Marketing

  • Important for forecasting
  • Can see which programs and channels are leading to opportunities

2. Revenue Influenced by Marketing

  • Prove what marketing has influenced through the entire buyer journey to closed won

3. Top Channels & Programs Contributing to Pipeline & Revenue

  • Understand each and which contribute to pipeline and which contribute to revenue

4. % of Total Revenue Won Influenced by Marketing

  • Overall impact of what was impacted

5. Top Channels Sourcing Pipeline & Revenue Generating Records

  • First touch attribution
  • Analyze which channels are bringing in the most quality leads

6. Top Channels & Programs Converting Records to Key Milestones

  • Last touch attribution
  • Which channels & programs are pushing buyers to key milestones
  • What did the lead engage with right before qualifying for an opportunity

7. Conversion Rates from Acquisition to Customer

  • Are leads getting stuck somewhere?
  • How records are coming in and how they move on to become a customer

8. Velocity of Records from Acquisition to Customer

  • How long on average does it take for them to become a customer
  • How long does it take records to move through the stages to become a customer

9. Pipeline Velocity

  • Marketing forecast velocity
  • Track changes over time more than the actual number

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