Inventory Management – Tracking Halloween Candy?


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Rather silly question, perhaps: Who’s using Asset Management software to track the amount of candy they hand out tomorrow as Inventory Usage? Can’t really consider it an inventory transfer between storerooms now can we?

While most people probably won’t use inventory or asset management software for simple household transactions, businesses are turning to more complex solutions to help manage stock merchandise, assets and purchase patterns. Enterprise asset management software like IBM Maximo can dramatically improve these processes to prevent unnecessary expenses or incorrect orders. In the case of Halloween candy, no one wants to be the house that runs out of candy halfway through the night.

To improve asset management capabilities, many companies are turning to predictive analytics, with solutions such as IBM’s Predictive Maintenance and Quality to extend the life of assets. These solutions help make sense of vast logs of machine and asset data. Check out a recent webinar for more information on how companies are using advanced analytics with their asset management to improve operations.

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