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Volunteer Day Renews Perficient Salesforce Team’s Outlook on Life and Work


Pictured from left are Chad Wade, Lisa De Biasi, Rachel Mosakowski, Akbar Jumabhoy, Marc Pulverman and Nikhil Singhal.

A team of new hires from Perficient’s Salesforce practice recently took part in a volunteer day to sharpen their skills and give back to their local community.
The colleagues, based in Perficient’s San Francisco office, spent a morning at Saint Boniface Church supporting its nonprofit Gubbio Project, which seeks to create a safe place for the homeless who find refuge in the church.
Volunteer efforts centered on serving guests and assisting with the Gubbio team’s Salesforce system.
Perficient colleagues created a menu, picked up groceries, and cooked breakfast for 40 to 50 people.
“We ate breakfast with the guests and had enriching conversations about recent movies, favorite actor impersonations, and Germany’s history,” said Rachel Mosakowski, senior business consultant at Perficient.
2After breakfast cleanup, Perficient’s team sat down with the executive director of the Gubbio Project and her team members and discussed Salesforce enhancement needs related to volunteer management, roll-up calculations, and other crucial functionality.
The Salesforce assistance will afford the Gubbio team more time away from their computers, and that means more time to dedicate to guests and volunteers.
At the end of the day, Perficient’s team walked away with a renewed outlook on life and work.

“To see and be a part of the impactful work of an organization so integrated with the community, it keeps the small, day-to-day ‘issues’ in check,” Rachel said. “Spending the morning at Gubbio reminded us all to appreciate the basics such as shelter and food, while it also added a new dimension to the Salesforce work that we do.”

1“At the end of the day, the team felt invigorated by and connected to the community. Gubbio and its innovative approach to mission-based work is transforming the neighborhood and nudging other community organizations to push boundaries in how they think about and deliver services.”
“We are excited to embark on this project to enhance Gubbio’s nonprofit CRM, in its effort to take volunteer management and development tracking to the next level.”

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