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Why are BI projects so difficult to implement? part 2.5 I hadn’t planned on exploring the next piece of the puzzle so soon, but this article jumped out at me. I just finished reading “Achieving Greater Agility with Business Intelligence” from the TDWI and found several interesting comments.

The article was based around ‘faster decision cycles and competitive pressures’ but it had a few points that were relevant to our topic. For instance;

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Page 7, paragraph 2 states “Amid this instability and increased—sometimes unexpected—competition, executives and managers doubt whether their forecasts will hold true. Operations managers have difficulty allocating resources and personnel because they lack confidence in their organizations’ planning and budget assumptions.” – Really? this sounds suspicially like ‘challenging fundamental truths’ from my part-2 article.

Page 10, paragraph 2: “For better agility, data has to be put in a format that makes it relevant to
the decision process.”
– Agreed, and introducing a change to a business process (paragraph 2 from my part-2 article ) can be a big hit to user adoption if not introduced properly.

Additionally, (from Page 10, paragraph 3) – “We asked research respondents how satisfied different types of users in their organizations are with their ability to access and analyze information to achieve objectives for which they are held accountable.” – And the highest level of satisfaction was from…. Finance.

Really? Finance? Well those people are just a bunch of number crun.. oh wait…, I get it, number crunches are most comfortable with BI applications because they don’t get brain pain as easily as others. That sounds familiar as well. 🙂

OK, so we have shown that we’re on the right track with our ‘pain and difficulties’ theory, but how do we mitigate it? We’ll talk about options and responsibilities next time.

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