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Bing’s Stefan Weitz: A Web of Verbs, Not Nouns!

I recently asked Stefan Weitz to sit down with me for an interview and he came back to me with this interesting idea – a discussion on the shift from a web of nouns to a web of verbs. I knew I was in for an interesting ride even before the interview started! The interview itself was no disappointment. We dig deep into a wide range of topics and Stefan lays out some interesting ideas on how search is going to evolve.
For example, picture a search environment where the search box becomes the gateway to all the web apps out there. Stefan offers up the idea that we will be able to go to a search engine and search on “book a romantic dinner Austin”, and we will get back:

  1. A list of romantic dinner options
  2. Emphasis placed on restaurants our friends have Liked
  3. The ability to book a reservation via an app right then and there

This is just one example of the many things we discuss! You can read the full Stefan Weitz interview transcript here.

Eric Enge

Eric Enge is part of the Digital Marketing practice at Perficient. He designs studies and produces industry-related research to help prove, debunk, or evolve assumptions about digital marketing practices and their value. Eric is a writer, blogger, researcher, teacher, and keynote speaker and panelist at major industry conferences. Partnering with several other experts, Eric served as the lead author of The Art of SEO.

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