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Badgeville integration with IBM Connections

Today Badgeville announced their integration to IBM Connections at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston.  There is greater detail in a Badgeville blog post here but here are some highlights with a screen shot:

The Reputation associated with those levels is portable across all the communities you engage with inside Connections. So if you become a Level 5 Product Expert, you could also become a Level 2 Support specialist for your contributions in the support wiki as an example.

But portable reputation doesn’t stop there. Because Badgeville has architected our platform on modern web standards from the beginning, we make it easy for users to carry that rank & reputation with them to other applications, such as CRM, learning management and content management systems.

Clients looking to drive adoption, change behaviors have great options when implementing IBM Connections.  We are excited to have them part of the IBM ecosystem.







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