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Planning For Future Success

Enhancing TypeScript Code with Generics

In this blog, we will explore generics in TypeScript, but before diving into generics, let’s first understand what TypeScript is and why TypeScript has become increasingly popular in the software development industry.  So, what is TypeScript? TypeScript, as a free and open-source high-level programming language, acts as a superset of JavaScript by introducing features like […]


A crash course of Next.js: TypeScript (part 5)

This series is my Next.js study resume, and despite it’s keen to a vanilla Next.js,  all the features are applicable with Sitecore SDK. It is similar to the guide I recently wrote about GraphQL and aims to reduce the learning curve for those switching to it from other tech stacks. In part 1 we covered some fundamentals of Next.js […]

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Introduction to Tailwind CSS  

What is Tailwind CSS? Tailwind is a utility CSS library that allows developers to use the styling properties within the HTML file. It is done by labeling the class name as styling properties. Instead of defining the class name such as Navbar, and Footer, developers can define the classes as styling properties. Such as display […]

Proper Communication between Angular Components

Introduction A few months ago I had a solution that required me to call a method in a child component. I, not knowing how to do this properly, “hacked” a solution using Angular inputs and outputs. Although the solution technically worked, it never felt like it was the best solution to use. After communicating with […]


Using TypeScript with the Twilio Flex Agent UI Sample

When we first started working with the Flex samples provided by Twilio, the source code was provided in TypeScript. This provided a dev-time programming environment that I tend to prefer, even though I am far from a TypeScript expert. As Flex and the quick-start samples moved toward general availability, Twilio made the choice to switch […]

Under the Hood With “The Future of SharePoint”

It has been about a week since Microsoft unveiled “The Future of SharePoint” at this event here (note: you have to provide your e-mail and some other info to get access to all the content). The keynote has kind of a general overview of all of the new directions that the SharePoint team is heading […]

Goodbye JavaScript, Hello TypeScript!!!!

There are many things developers hate about JavaScript.  You can see this with all of the different ways people are trying to “fix” JavaScript.  Here are a couple of the ways: CoffeeScript is a language which is syntactically similar to JavaScript and attempts to expose the “good parts” of JavaScript Google went ahead and wrote […]