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Operation BLACKHAT

Operation BLACKHAT Two-Minute Conversation A tycoon businessman, Mr. Sanjay was having a two-minute conversation with the kidnappers regarding the ransom and location to rescue his son, a 5th-grade student – Raghav. Mr.Sanjay wondered how the kidnappers got the new family code. The family code changes every month and kept secret within the close aides. He […]

How to Tell Engaging Customer Stories

Earlier this year during the Super Bowl, IBM and H&R Block teamed up to tell the story of how filing for taxes will change with the integration of new artificial intelligence like Watson. With successful use cases already across retail, food, healthcare, and science, the viewer learns that with Watson and H&R Block, families will […]

The Recipe to a Powerful Presentation Includes an Engaging Story

If you’re like me, you spend what feels like a decent portion of your professional life creating and compiling presentations. Or perhaps you’re like the other half of the professional world where a lot of your time is spent listening to those presentations. I reflect back on conferences I’ve been to which are often a […]

ReadMe: The Future Is Written – Part Two

Part Two: Content Matters “They’re dumbing me down!” – A recent comment by a 17 year-old friend lamenting the emptiness of her current educational experience. Is our current diet of frequently random, fragmented, contextually divergent information and opinion making us dumber? Feels that way sometimes. Cocooned as we are in an innervating wrapper of digital […]

Branded Content, Hollywood-Style

Hollywood has left an indelible mark on our society – and on content marketers, too. After all, it’s where some of the most distinctive and memorable content strategies are born. In my recent article, “Brand Storytelling Lessons You Can Steal from Hollywood,” I look at three unique tactics for generating interest in your product and […]

How to Engage Consumers & Gain Loyalty with Storytelling

The art of storytelling may very well be as old as fire. Throughout history, fireside storytelling has been known for its ability to convey a message to any large group of people. It’s just human nature that when we hear a great story we want to interact, engage, and even re-tell it. Today there are […]

Elements of Style: How to Elevate Your Online Video

The first movie I saw that wasn’t a cartoon was The 10 Commandments. I think I was about nine or 10. There were slaves, pharaohs, parting seas, and the bizarre yet compelling sight of Edward G. Robinson in a striped headcloth with an asp on his forehead snarling, “I give you a God of GOLD.” […]

IxD Strategy: A Closer Look at the Power of Storytelling

I’m a firm believer in the power of storytelling, for intentions good and ill. No disrespect to the masses of social media experts who think it’s passe to do anything but hand over the keys to your tweeting consumers, but if there is one thing history can teach us, it’s that we (as a whole) […]