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Extending Layout Service in Sitecore Headless

Sitecore Headless uses a service called the Layout Service to deliver content from Sitecore to the front-end application in a headless architecture. It is responsible for rendering the layout of a page or a component and delivering the associated content to the client-side application. The Layout Service constructs and delivers a JSON representation encompassing the […]

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Using Rendering Parameters on a XM Cloud component

What about Rendering Parameters? I recently did a POC using rendering parameters in a component in XM Cloud. In this blog i will describe my approach, issues faced and how i overcame them. Adding a rendering to a component, is relatively straight forward in Sitecore development, i.e.(–building-a-simple-rendering.html). However, there are some circumstances where things are […]

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Pro Tips for Accessing and Managing Sitecore XM Cloud

Introduction Sitecore XM Cloud is a powerful platform for managing and deploying Sitecore instances. In this blog post, we will explore various a few tips for accessing XM Cloud, including user permissions, project and environment management, as well as different types of client credentials. Understanding these concepts will empower you to effectively leverage the capabilities […]

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XM Cloud Deployments: Static site deployment using Vercel CLI

For the scenario of independent deployment of your NextJs static site, say in an automated deployment, one missing piece is a way to push the SSG site into Vercel. Here I provided a simple deployment script using the Vercel CLI of the static site in the XM Cloud project. Code: # Set up variables with […]