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Aerial View Of Luxure Yachts And Motorboats Moored In A Port With Clear Blue Water In Summer. Top View From Drone Of Sailboats And Various Speed Boats In Dock. Pula, Croatia

Migrating Sitecore SXA themes from MyGet to NPMJS

Sitecore recently announced they are moving away from MyGet and to NPMJS for its package provider. After November 2023 the MyGet public feeds will be unavailable and any SXA themes and publishing pipelines should be updated before that time. Sitecore was unable to retain the @sxa prefix with this move and as a result, the […]

Shot Of Two Young Technicians Using A Digital Tablet While Working In A Server Room

Local Docker Environment Setup with Sitecore 10.3 and SXA

We as developers/consultants set up our local Sitecore instances for our project developments, some are simple and easy, and some are complex and take time as you may come across errors. Now, as Sitecore is moving towards headless and containerized solutions, the way how to get local development instances up and running has changed from […]

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What’s New with Sitecore’s Bootstrap 5 Grid

With Sitecore 10.2, Bootstrap 5 was added as a grid system option. Previous options were Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Foundation, and Grid960. While Bootstrap 4 was the default prior to 10.2, Sitecore Bootstrap 5 is the new default grid system. Here’s what’s new with Bootstrap 5.  Speed One of the most exciting things about Bootstrap […]