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Oracle Enterprise Management Updates

How to easily upload a file to a random VM using Selenium GRID

Cloud-based Test Automation “The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 21.4 percent in 2018 to total $186.4 billion, up from $153.5 billion in 2017,” according to Gartner, Inc. Considering this fact, I reckon the Cloud-based Test Automation is behind. Relatively recently, this type of testing has garnered so much attention over those normally delivered legacy […]

Page Object and Page Factory Pattern Based UI Automated Testing

1.      Introduction The Page Object Model (POM) is a very important pattern in selenium webdriver. It can also be applied to most of UI automated testing, even with other tools like UFT, Appium and so on. Page Factory is an inbuilt and optimized concept of POM. Page Factory can be used in many frameworks such […]

Mobile Testing on Cloud with Appium Using AWS Device Farm

With Amazon’s Device Farm technology, you can now easily upload your app and choose an Android or an iOS device to test your app. You will get screenshots, videos of the tests that were run and most importantly, the real-time reports of the tests that were completed. It is as simple as uploading a file […]

Robotically Send Test Reports via Mail Using Maven Postman Plugin

  As Test Engineers, we all know the importance of report generation which contains the summary of test script results. Test Reports give you the overall update on the application’s stability and it also helps to figure out the application issues which in turn could be useful for the developer to fix them. It would […]

Define Customized Testing Objects with Selenium

Page is usually the basic testing object in automated testing. However, sometimes one or more pages contain multiple similar units. For example, let’s say that 3 different pages have a similar unit, say a table unit. All of the 3 table units in the 3 pages certainly have columns, rows and table names. In our […]

Using Selenium with Java and TestNG (2)

Driver Manager for Selenium Web Driver and Extent Reports

Driver Manager for Selenium Web Driver This blog post explains how to initiate the Chrome and IE browsers using maven setup. To run selenium web driver in chrome/IE browsers, download the preferred version of Chrome Driver/ IE Driver server for web driver and save it in local. Now set the property for chrome driver/IE driver, […]

Assertions in Selenium Web Driver

Introduction Assertions provide a means for users to validate any kind of test. The Assertion results are based on the comparison of Actual & Expected Results. A test is considered passed only when the Assertions show no Exceptions. Thus, the usage of Assertions plays a vital role in identifying the flaws in the application being […]

Using Selenium with Java and TestNG (3)

Using Selenium with Java and TestNG (3)

EventFiringWebDriver & Listener In this blog, I‘ll introduce how we use EventFiringWebDriver and listener to create an auto-logging system for the test framework.   Why use EventFiringWebDriver and the event listener? If we use it, we can easily know what a web driver instance will do with a small listener, and what operation  it does […]

Selenium Webdriver

Mobile Automation Testing using Selenium Webdriver

Nowadays, compatibility testing is in great demand as it gives us the confidence to say whether the application is usable across multiple platforms. One of the most used platforms available in today’s world is Mobile. So the question here is whether the application is usable across different Mobile platforms? There are n number of Mobile […]

Use of VBScript with Selenium to connect to database

While most of the Automation scripts manipulate just the UI of an application, by making our scripts communicate with database we can accomplish more complicated tasks. Here is an example:- Suppose you have to automate an application which works on online voting system where in once the vote is casted using the application, it goes […]

Sample Data file

Data driven testing using Selenium

Let’s see what Data Driven testing is? “It is an automation framework where test input and/or output values are read from data files. The different data files may include ODBC sources, csv files, Excel files, ADO objects, etc. The data is then loaded into variables in recorded or manually coded scripts.” Now let’s take an […]

Automating Math Captcha using Selenium IDE

What is Captcha? Sounds like a core technical jargon, which in reality isn’t. “Captcha is a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a human being.” You might have noticed in some registration pages, at the end of it there is an image which has some letters displayed on […]

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