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Advanced Tips for Salesforce Q&A’s

Some excellent Salesforce Q&A that may be useful to you. Take a look and please post comments if you have any follow-up questions of your own! Q: Does Cloud Scheduler sync with Outlook and/or Gmail? A: The Cloud Scheduler doesn’t sync with Outlook and/or Gmail per se. But if you use the Cloud Scheduler to […]

Joined Reports: Analytic Heavy Lifting [Part 2]

In my last posting, I outlined some basics regarding the use and setup of basic Joined Reports.  In this article, I will focus on some of their more complex capabilities and considerations.  Specifically, we will review the following two techniques: Creation of a Sales Rep Scorecard Report that combines Opportunity and Activity data into one […]

Joined Reports: Don’t Be Intimidated [Part 1]

The Spring ’12 release of Salesforce bore tremendous benefit in reporting functionality with the launch of Enterprise Analytics. Available to Developer, Enterprise and Unlimited Edition customers at no additional charge, the Enterprise Analytics module provides enhanced features within the Report Builder permitting users to take Salesforce reporting to a whole new level. The 3 primary […]

Shortcuts for Creating Better Reports and Analytics using Salesforce

Q: What tips do you have for choosing the right report format to quickly access critical data? In most systems, setting up reports can be a daunting task that is often given to the IT Systems Administrator. In Salesforce®, anyone can go in and use the wizard to quickly and easily generate a report. That […]