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Next Js

File Based Routing in Next.js

Next.js is a framework for building web applications built on top of React. Everything we can do in React we can also do in Next.js – with some additional features like routing, API calls, authentication, and more. We don’t have these features in React. Instead, we must install some external libraries and dependencies – like […]

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Ways to easily know which Manufacturing type your ERP solution is using?

Manufacturing is the process of making an item to sell. Within manufacturing, there are several different manufacturing types and sub-types. So, how do you know what type of manufacturing environment your company is using? In this post, we will review the three main manufacturing types and the key terminology that goes with each one.

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Attribute Routing and xDB Tracking

Attribute Routing Rumor has it: you can use MVC attribute routing in Sitecore. It’s actually very easy to set up. John West posted it recently on his blog. Today I stumbled upon an interesting side effect of using this way of routes registration that may be important if your controllers generate user facing experiences that […]