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Minotaur Wraps Up Another BattleBots Season for the Books

The BattleBots World Championship VII tournament recently concluded, and a new reigning champ has been crowned. Unfortunately for Minotaur fans, team Minotaur came up just short of the Giant Nut trophy after suffering their first loss of the season. Despite losing in the quarterfinals battle against SawBlaze, Minotaur had an outstanding run this season. Minotaur […]

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Perficient’s Minotaur Battles Through February Keeping Their Win Streak Intact

February was an exciting month for BattleBots fans as Perficient’s fighting robot Minotaur took to the ring twice and came out victorious both times. All eyes were on Minotaur and Team RioBotz as they were featured in the show-opening fight on February 2 and in the main event on February 16. The battles were hard […]

Making the Case for RPA

Starting your RPA journey In today’s digital process automation landscape, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a hotly sought-after tool to help solve all that plagues your business process shortcomings. While RPA does have its advantages, its true performance and productivity advantages will come to light when tied to specific use cases. In this blog […]

Three Reasons Why Japan Will Lead the Way in Personal Robots

I recently finished reading, “The Industries of the Future” by Alec Ross and I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who currently works in technology or who has children who are preparing for their future careers. We are embarking on an entirely new age for work and human experience. As Ross says, “Our most […]

Are we addicted to our phones? Moment of Realization – Video

I recently came across a YouTube video from a friend titled “Slow Tech” by Joe Kraus. My first thoughts when opening the link was “hmm, probably not watching” due to the 15 minute time stamp for the length of the video. Since it was recommended by a colleague I admire, I went ahead and played the video. It […]