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The Role Of Signal Detection In Drug Safety

Due to the seriousness of adverse drug reactions, life sciences organizations perform something called “signal detection,” which is the process of evaluating potential safety signals. This entails looking at previously known associations between a drug and an adverse event, and looking at previously known drug-related issues that may be either improving or worsening. Not only […]

Regulatory Reporting Rules In Argus Safety

  In Argus Safety, all of the parameters for configuring the worldwide regulatory reporting rules are clearly identified on a single administration screen. You have the capability of selecting various case or event-level attributes, as well as using very advanced conditions, to focus the automated triggering of these report rules in various circumstances. 

Regulatory Report Tracking In Oracle Argus Safety

  One of the things we hear most is how simple Oracle Argus Safety is to navigate. In the image (click it to enlarge) above, you’ll notice a familiar folder structure in the upper part of the Regulatory Reports screen – it looks just like Windows Explorer and works similarly. It allows you to drill […]

Success Factors for Ensuring Compliance with CCAR Programs

Banking organizations continue to face a changing regulatory landscape. Compliance failures can result in stiff financial penalties and reputational damage that can negatively impact an organization. Some bankers may view compliance as a necessary evil. An opposing point of view is that regulatory exercises are an opportunity to achieve organizational growth.  While most organizations are focusing on improving the efficiency, […]