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How To Resolve Conflicts In Remote Software Development Teams

How to Resolve Conflicts in Remote Software Development Teams

A little bit of healthy conflict is never a bad thing in software development. Team members with different points of view often bring valuable new ideas to the table, which both encourages innovation and helps to improve products. The keyword here is “healthy” because some types of unhealthy conflict are extremely damaging to team morale […]

What Is A Product Owner And What Makes Them Successful?

What is a Product Owner and What Makes Them Successful?

Successful software products rely on a diverse range of people from different backgrounds with unique skills, making software outsourcing a key driver of innovation. Designers, developers, quality control teams, product specialists, and client partners all need to work together seamlessly to reach the same goal, which is where a product owner (PO) comes in. In […]

Coaching Vs. Teaching: How To Maximize The Advantages Of Each

Coaching Vs. Teaching: How to Maximize the Advantages of Each

In many workplace environments, especially in the software development outsourcing industry, the concepts of teaching and coaching are often used interchangeably, despite being independent, unique approaches to employee development. Without a clear understanding of each practice, and the impacts they have on the recipients of those practices, it’s easy to get confused about which avenue […]

Breaking Software News Perficient Acquires Perficient Latin America

Breaking Software News: Perficient Acquires Perficient Latin America

Over the past 35 years, Perficient Latin America has achieved unprecedented success in the nearshore software development industry and as an impactful organization within Medellín, Bogotá and Cali Colombia. Today marks a new journey for Perficient Latin America as we join Perficient, a leading digital consultancy. Perficient Latin America is becoming part of a global […]

Customizing your AEM component toolbar for users

Excellence in Virtual Delivery: The Perficient Latin America Edition

With all employees working from home, life is far from normal at PSL and throughout the world. However, this time away from the office has proven that without a doubt the Perficient Latin America community is comprised of incredibly strong, connected and driven individuals. In light of immense challenges, teams have continued to deliver on client […]

4 Tips For Working With Virtual Agile Development Teams

4 Tips for Working with Virtual Agile Development Teams

Nearshore software development partnerships rely on plenty of virtual collaboration to succeed, especially with today’s travel restrictions. Luckily, nearshore agile development teams have deep experience with this way of working, making it easier to maintain durable nearshoring services partnerships during times of uncertainty. First, a quick primer. Nearshore software development—for those who don’t know—is the […]

Engaging Retrospectives For Constant Team Improvement: A Brief Guide

Engaging Retrospectives for Constant Team Improvement: A Brief Guide

Agile retrospectives are not usually the most exciting aspect of software development, but they can be far more engaging when seen as a platform to motivate teams. Retrospective meetings provide a valuable opportunity for agile or DevOps teams to reflect on the ups and downs of each iteration, allowing them to identify actions for improvement […]

Women In Tech Latin Americas Visionary Approach To Gender Equality

Women in Tech: Latin America’s Visionary Approach to Gender Equality

Take a look at how women in technology and science have been changing the landscape of the software development industry, both in Colombia and the rest of Latin America. This article was originally published on Nov. 14th to celebrate Colombian Women’s Day, which was created to honor the Colombian Policarpa Salavarrieta who was an integral part of the […]

Csr In Colombia: Community Engagement Programs At Perficient Latin America

CSR in Colombia: Community Engagement Programs at Perficient Latin America

As stakeholders in Colombia push for more sustainable and robust practices in CSR (corporate social responsibility), the importance of this necessary organizational movement is now being more widely recognized across the country. CSR in Colombia has traditionally been focused on philanthropic efforts with very little long-term impact. It is often seen as an endeavor for […]

Continuous Performance Testing On A Massive Scale

Continuous Performance Testing on a Massive Scale

The software development outsourcing industry is experiencing a performance revolution, which marks a new level of technological progress in the sector. This dedication to performance is prominent in the American nearshore region, as US-based clients and their customers increasingly demand higher quality software that performs at superior levels of excellence. As demand for software grows, […]

Spotlight On Culture At Perficient Latin America

Spotlight on Culture at Perficient Latin America

We want to put the spotlight on what it’s like to work at Perficient Latin America and showcase our talented members. We recognize the opportunity we have to help our employees find meaningful lives through what they do, so we do our best to foster a community where we take a holistic approach towards development by putting people first and […]

Balancing Performance Tuning With Code Optimization

Balancing Performance Tuning with Code Optimization

The world’s greatest racing drivers may be highly talented individuals, but without a talented team of mechanics and engineers keeping their vehicles in check, they can quickly fall behind the competition. When it comes to software, the same idea applies; great products can fail quickly without a strong focus on performance and optimization. Engineering and […]

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