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Lessons From Mark Zuckerberg’s Alaska Trip & Early Facebook Days

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, recently took a trip to Alaska as part of his personal challenge to have visited every state in the U.S. by the end of 2017. In a post, he shared his thoughts on Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend, which provides residents with a portion of the oil revenue the state makes. Each […]

Perficient Beefs Up Financial Services Through Acquisition

We’re only a couple days into the new year and are already making smart moves that further position our company as a leader in numerous industries, including financial services. Today, Perficient announced the acquisition of RAS & Associates, a Denver-based operations and management consulting firm focused on partnering with organizations to find the “how.” With […]

The Importance of Software Process Improvement – It’s the journey, not just the destination.

All great endeavors start with a question. In this case it’s the same question every business asks at some point regardless of their industry or position they occupy. How do we get better at what we do? This is as true for a software company as the business down the street that makes canoes. The […]

BI or BPM – what’s a CIO to do?

I came across this blog post from Andrew White, a Research analyst at Gartner controversially titled BI’s days are numbered – Here comes BPM again. The core message of the post is this that BI and data analytics are a means to an end – and it is the change in processes (effected through BPM) that will result in impact […]