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Six Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Family on Data Privacy Day

This article was co-written by Iman Watson, senior solutions architect, and Kailey Hughes, lead development representative. As we mostly are working remotely these days, securing your space when you’re not in the safeguards of the office walls are critical. Perficient places a high value on data security and has several processes and tools in place […]

New EU Ruling on Data Transfer Has Privacy Implications

The verge reports on a new ruling from the EU that will change how or even if personal data from Europe can enter the United States.  As we know, there are very specific rules set forth in GDPR on how data is handled and what can and cannot be shared. In addition, GDPR mandates security […]

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Who’s the Expert in Digital Trends? Your Customer.

It’s the beginning of the year and there is no shortage of “Top Digital Trends” articles describing all the ways organizations need to be heads up to the next big thing in digital if they don’t want their expenses to increase and profits shrink. These articles are full of valuable information. Some of it may […]

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Baby Steps: Easing Your Way to GDPR Compliance

In the current technology and information climate, more and more users want their vendors to have safeguards and processes in place to ensure data protection.

Challenges For Blockchain

Blockchain is not a new technology; it has been available since the introduction of bitcoin in 2008. However, alternative applications in financial services have not yet achieved a critical mass of acceptance. There are some reasons for this, including the following. Regulatory Approval There is currently no legal framework that regulates the application of blockchain technology […]

Negative Implications of Self-Driving and Connected Cars

While the benefits of driverless and connected cars are obvious, there are plenty of negative implications as well, many of which we can’t even predict. However, cybersecurity and data privacy are the most obvious issues. The technology that enables cars to function on their own, perform better, and enhance our driving experience comes with a […]

5 Ways Sitecore Experience Platform Can Improve a Patient Journey

How healthcare can use the leading customer experience platform to deliver the ideal patient experience. If you are in the healthcare business – data, and how it is utilized, is likely something you face weekly. For that matter, you may have even read some of our own Healthcare Industry Trends. Healthcare is rich with patient data, […]

Google Begins to Show Your Personal Data in Search Results

Get ready for another addition to the Google search results page, and this time, it’s personal! When signed into your Google account, you may start seeing your personal information pulled from other Google products (Gmail, calendar, etc.) right within the search results. Don’t worry, this information is only visible to you. It’s not seen when […]

#DF15: Search and Seizure IoT and Law Enforcement

Andrew Bean of Salesforce had an interesting session on how the Internet of Things will play with monitoring almost everything and the implications with law enforcement. Here’s the abstract: By 2020, there will be approximately 30 billion connected sensing devices surrounding us. The ability to monitor every aspect of our lives will be unprecendeted. This […]

I’ve Got 99 Problems and Privacy Is One

Privacy breaches in online security are growing exponentially, and all I can say is, “I’ve got 99 problems, and privacy is one.”  It’s an issue we’re slowly being forced to worry about. Whether it deals with stealing your identity or the personal content on your mobile device, lack of privacy is a problem many are […]

Find your Lost Droid or Compromise Privacy

I recently came across an article from a local newspaper where a man had lost his iPhone and Blackberry. Using a couple of applications, he was able to track his phones to the next block neighbour. Involving the local police, the man went to the neighbor’s house and asked for the phones to be returned […]

Looking Forward: Mobile Technology, Privacy and Security

Mobile Health, or “mHealth”, offers benefits throughout the healthcare industry. For clinicians, mHealth is a method to remotely monitor a patient’s health and improve the quality care rendered. For patients, mHealth provides a way to monitor their own health more easily and reduces the cost of care by decreasing the amount of time spend at […]

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