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Parallelism In Playwright

Introduction Tests are executed in parallel with Playwright Test. It executes numerous parallel worker processes to do it. Test files are by default run in parallel. The same worker process executes each test in a single file sequentially. Tests can be set up to run concurrently in a single file using test.describe.configure. Using testProject.fullyParallel or […]

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Playwright Built-in Reporter

Introduction: Playwright Test was developed primarily to meet the requirements of end-to-end testing. Chromium, WebKit, and Firefox are just a few of the contemporary rendering engines Playwright supports. Test with native mobile emulation of Google Chrome for Android and Mobile Safari on Windows, Linux, and macOS locally or on CI, headed or headless. In this […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Playwright Setup

Introduction: A playwright is an open-source test automation library that was initially created by Microsoft contributors. It supports programming languages like NodeJS, Java, C#, and Python. The most widely used combination of NodeJS and Playwright is JavaScript/TypeScript, which is available under the Apache 2.0 License. If you are new to the playwright, you can refer […]

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Welcome to Playwright World

Introduction: As test automation becomes more prevalent in Agile teams, it has grown in importance within the SDLC. New test automation technologies are entering the market as the scope expands. The market was previously dominated by proprietary tools like selenium. However, new open-source tools are now leading the market. Puppeteer and Playwright both share a […]


Playwright – End to End testing for Web apps

Have you ever wondered; How to simplify End-to-End testing??? Well, I guess that’s where PLAYWRIGHT comes into picture. It’s an open-source NodeJS framework by Microsoft for end-to-end automation for Web applications. Also, it helps developers to test web apps across all Browsers and modern Operating system. Optimizely AUI is an B2B marketplace website which hits […]