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HIPAA-Ready and Personalized Commerce Lunch at Adobe Summit 2024

Secure and Personalized Commerce for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The ability to offer healthcare products and services digitally is more important than ever. In fact, the global healthcare eCommerce market is projected to reach $994.2 billion by 2030. But a complex regulatory landscape and data privacy and security concerns are formidable obstacles. Additionally, consumer demand for proactive, personalized experiences is at an all-time high. […]

Adverse Event Reported By Patient Leads To FDA Warning Letter

  On January 8, 2016, the FDA issued a warning letter that caught my attention. I can’t remember why I initially opened it; maybe because the company’s name had “pharm” in it, as opposed to “seafood” (which seems to be there a lot!). Once inside the letter, I found this in the opening paragraph: “This […]

Do You Have Any Questions For The Pharmacist?

  This is a question most of us hear when picking up prescriptions at a pharmacy. But, have you ever questioned the information the pharmacist gives you? Were his or her answers accurate? Did that information take your personal situation, such as your medical history, into consideration? What’s the source of the information they provide, […]

The Uber Of Pharmacies

  I’ve been taking omeprazole for at least 10 years. Every day. Sometimes more than one day…but only by accident. I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t remember whether I took a pill in the morning, which would sometimes lead me to take an additional pill that may have not been necessary. That’s why […]