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Calculated Table Joins in Power BI

Calculated table joins are used to couple two or more tables of data. Common examples include CROSSJOIN, UNION, EXCEPT and INTERSECT. Common Use Cases for Calculated Table Joins in Power BI Blending or combining data across multiple tables. Creating advanced calculations like new vs. returning users or repeat purchase behavior. Querying tables to troubleshoot errors […]


Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Highlights

Salesforce Spring’23 Release Highlights & Quick Summary On the 06th of January 2023, Sandboxes will be upgraded, and as a result, your organization/Environments will get the latest updates/features of the Spring’23 release. Spring ’23 Pre-Release Org – Register today for early access to the brand-new features. Sign up, and we’ll send login information for your new Spring ’23 trial account. – […]

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Relationship Functions in Power BI

Relationship functions in Power BI allow you to access fields within DAX measures or calculated columns through either physical or virtual relationships between tables. Common Use Cases for Relationship Functions in Power BI Defining calculated columns or measures using fields from related tables. Handling relationships between calendars and multiple date fields (transaction date, stock date, due […]

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QA Test Management using Xray Tool

Xray is the leading Quality Assurance and Test Management Jira plugin, which helps companies in effective and efficient testing. It is the best test management tool that covers the entire testing life cycle: test planning, test specification, test organization, test execution and test reporting. Before diving deep into Xray, we will first see Test Management […]

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Introduction to Copado in Salesforce

Copado Salesforce is a Premier Deployment and Release Management System that enables us to provide improved visibility and traceability of our Salesforce org. It also enables us to manage mistakes more effectively. Copado Salesforce provides the numerous tools and procedures that assist us in uniting all of these departments while also working in tandem to […]

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Sending Emails in Salesforce

We’ve broken down some of the most important email features below so you can start automating emails in Salesforce right away!   Email Templates in Salesforce Salesforce email templates are reusable emails that can be linked to various types of automation. When other things happen in Salesforce, such as creating a new Opportunity, your customers […]

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Introduction to Salesforce List Views

Create a standard set of list views to avoid repeat requests or empower your users by teaching them how to create bespoke list views so they can grab and segment data on the fly. List Views in Lightning appear to be very similar to Classic at first glance, but when you dig a little deeper, […]

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Introduction to Data Cleaning In Salesforce

The average cost of bad data to US businesses is $15 million a year, as it hinders staff productivity and results in bad decisions. Suppose that inaccurate contact information in the CRM prevents sales reps from contacting prospects or that sales managers base their strategic sales plans on reports created using out-of-date data. If you’re […]

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4 Strategies to Keep One’s Salesforce Organization Stable

We’re sure you can relate to at least one of these factors if you’ve been a part of a Salesforce implementation. So, the question is how to ensure the survival of your organization in an era of constant business volatility. The answer to this question, like maintaining personal health, lies in following a defined set […]

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Introduction to Salesforce Leads

Managing Leads in Salesforce makes use of the massive amounts of Lead data generated and allows you to report on it, providing visibility into your Lead processes to help drive decisions. There are many features in Salesforce that you can use to make this entire process faster, more automated, easier, and more successful overall. However, […]

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Introduction to Case Object in Salesforce

One of the potent aspects of their Salesforce Service Cloud platform, Salesforce empowers enterprises with Salesforce Case management capabilities to assist them in providing better customer assistance. The Service Cloud’s Case Management functionality, which serves to enhance the overall user experience for both customers and staff, is built on the Salesforce Case object. Salesforce Case […]


Leveraging MuleSoft’s API Led Connectivity and Event-Driven Architecture with Solace

Organizations today are going into a rapid digital transformation. With MuleSoft’s API Led connectivity approach, the integration strategy of the enterprises is now going towards more reusability with quicker deliverables of projects through discovery, self-service, and reusability. But what if we mix the flavor of Event Driven Architecture also into the Enterprise’s Integration Strategy? With this blog, […]

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