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Optimizely Configured Commerce – Learn CMS Spire 5.X Part-4

In this blog, we will learn below points: Creating a custom widget in Spire In this blog post, we will explore the process of replacing creating a custom widget in Spire, a popular content management system. I will provide examples and step-by-step instructions for create a custom widget, along with details on implementing these changes […]

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Implementing the Flip Card Feature in Optimizely CMS 12 using Perficient SCORE Optimizely Foundation

Flip Card Features in Optimizely CMS 12 In this blog, we will explore the following topics: Flip Card details Flip Card requirements Flip Card back end implementation Flip Card front end implementation storybook Flip Card used in website. Flip Card Details: SCORE is Perficient accelerator with prebuilt features. Flip Cards offer an enjoyable method for […]

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Power BI & Excel Connectivity: Scenarios Which Can Break Dashboard

Background Excel is the most used spreadsheet software in today’s era, used by every level of organization. Quite a huge amount of unorganized data is maintained in Excel workbooks, owing to ease of quick creation, storage & sharing of Excel files over database. Resultant many of the Power BI reports / dashboards are based on […]

Tweaking Some Finer Details In The Data

Setting up the Component Form Builder in Site Studio

In the last blog, we get to know about how to create a component in the site studio. In this blog, we are going to set up the component form builder for the component. You can improve specific functionalities or enhance the visual appearance of your site by using component form builder. The component form […]

Diverse Modern Office: Businessman Leads Business Meeting With Managers, Talks, Uses Presentation Tv With Statistics, Infographics. Digital Entrepreneurs Work On E Commerce Project.

Optimizely Configured Commerce – Learn CMS Spire 5.X Part-3

Insite is now Configured Commerce. In this blog, we will learn below points: Replacing an existing page in Spire Example of replacing an existing page Implementation in Local machine Replacing an existing widget in Spire Example of replacing an existing widget Implementation in Local machine In this blog post, we will explore the process of […]

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HTML In DataStage

We use different formats (sequential, XML, etc.) as a source or target in ETL jobs. In some cases, HTML is needed to create the output file. What is HTML? HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a text-based approach and the foundation of a website. It is the backbone of a website that creates content in a […]

ERP Migrations: An Opportunity for Corporate Treasury

Optimizely Configured Commerce – Learn CMS Spire 5.X Part-2

In this blog, we will learn below points: Understanding 5.x Architecture for Spire CMS How to start a Spire project? Follow the instructions below for use with Visual Studio Code Creating new blueprints in Spire Understanding 5.x Architecture for Spire CMS The 4-tier architecture of B2B Commerce (ISC) 5.x is described in this blog. Architecture […]

IWD 2023 Nagpur All Women

All About IWD 2023 Celebration at GDC Nagpur and WiT India’s First Anniversary

International Women’s Day 2023 marked one year of WiT ERG in India. Yes! WiT India turned ONE! And so, the celebration in our Nagpur office on the 17th of March was twofold fun, vigor, and joy. IWD celebration is customary in GDC Nagpur. As an organization that celebrates and champions its people, and strives to […]

Futuristic Globalization Interface.

Introduction to Burp Suite and its Testing Features

If you are in the field of web application testing and security testing, then you must have heard of Burp Suite. It is a comprehensive and integrated platform for performing security testing of web applications. Burp Suite is developed by PortSwigger and is used by security professionals, penetration testers, and web developers worldwide. With Burp […]

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WiT – Foster Your Professional Presence

Unusual riders and addendums aren’t unusual, and my workplace never disappoints me when adding another set of sparks that will forever lead to a bright vibe, even if there’s an otherwise gloomy surface beneath. No matter what it is, whether it be technology, health, or managing personal and professional lives, WiT has always convinced me […]

Working In Office.

Advanced Time Intelligence Functions in Power BI (Series -1)

DAX provides a whole host of powerful time intelligence functions, allowing you to do things like build custom calendars, define dynamic date ranges, and compare performance over specific periods. Common Use Cases: Creating custom calendar tables with DAX instead of using the default auto-generated versions. Writing measures to calculate period-over-period, moving average, or running total […]


Introduction to Tibco Cloud Integration

What is cloud Integration? Cloud integration is the process of connecting the data from all of an organization’s systems, on-premises, local, and cloud applications (including multi-cloud systems) so that the business users have access to all of the business data on one platform and in real-time. Cloud integration, a subset of the larger field of systems […]

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