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How to Tie Event Marketing with Your Digital Experience

Every Fall, the calendars of marketing managers across the country fill up with invitations to conferences and trade-shows. Lured by the promise of sales, networking, swag bags, and more, many of these conferences bring together industry professionals to push forward thought leadership, new products, and ideas. Planning a conference is hard work, requiring the collaboration […]

Crush Your Content Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

As a content marketer for Perficient, it’s my job to tell the story of technology and why new solutions on the market are important for enterprises. At the very core, my goal is to provide value as you embark on your journey to learning and understanding the market. While my employer could turn to a […]

How to Design a Delightful Customer Portal

Once the governance piece of portal design is complete, it is time to move into designing the customer portal. What you do in this part of the process is important since your end users will be the ones directly benefitting. No matter what type of community you’re trying to build, there are a few basic […]

How to Dominate Your Marketing with the Cloud

CMOs are under increased pressure to show tangible return for their marketing spend while delivering on an expanded customer agenda. Providing a high-quality experience across multiple channels on a consistent basis is difficult, especially with competitive noise. To keep marketing efforts moving, some leaders have turned to cloud as a technology differentiator. Cloud solutions are […]

How to Conquer Your Portal Governance Strategy

Portal management is a key to delivering an effective digital experience. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that if users are dissatisfied with their portal experiences, they go elsewhere. As a result, portal architects must not only take into consideration the look and feel of a portal, but also the governance that keeps it running like a […]

3 Considerations for Ephemeral Buyer Journeys

Standing out in the digital experience of every buyer’s journey serves to create attention that creates conversation and further accelerates interest. In recent years, we’ve seen the introduction of platforms that do just this, including Snapchat and Instagram Direct. Dubbed as ephemeral content, the experience created is temporary and powerful. According to social analytics firm […]

How Crowdsourcing Creates Innovation

Sometimes, the best business ideas don’t come from within, but from your most engaged and raving fans. After all, since the customer is buying the product, shouldn’t they also have some say in what they are thinking about purchasing? Enter crowdsourcing, a term created by Jeff Howe back in 2006 to describe the act of […]

5 Questions to Ask for Discovering Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are a crucial component of the buyer’s journey. After all, the lack of proper targeting means that those whom you actually want to see your services and products will likely be seeing those of your competitors. Developing a buyer persona takes work and requires buy-in from your engineering to your sales team. In […]

4 Ways to Convert the Modern Customer

Conversion is the ultimate goal for any enterprise organization. After all, it’s what drives revenue and continuity in any industry. Depending on the industry however, conversion time can be anywhere from minutes to months. Converting any customer is hard work in the era of digital transformation, especially with the amount of noise and options available. […]

How to Tell Engaging Customer Stories

Earlier this year during the Super Bowl, IBM and H&R Block teamed up to tell the story of how filing for taxes will change with the integration of new artificial intelligence like Watson. With successful use cases already across retail, food, healthcare, and science, the viewer learns that with Watson and H&R Block, families will […]

4 Ways to Build Customer Success in the Cloud

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, customer success is a key part of the modern buyer’s journey. Even with signed contracts and revenue, organizations must still continue to add value to the customer experience. We discuss the art and science of customer experience with our customers on a regular basis, walking them through available technologies […]

How to Build an Engaging Customer Portal

These days in California, the rage is all about Poke, a fish salad composed of items including tuna, seaweed, and other seasonings. Everywhere you look there is a new restaurant opening up and regardless of location, there are long lines and satisfied customers out the door. The existence of this restaurant trend, similar to that […]

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