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Pharmacovigilance During COVID-19: Finding the Best Information

There is no question that the pandemic COVID-19 has transformed life as we know it today. We are now operating in a different pharmacovigilance (PV) paradigm, adapting as we move daily. While patient safety remains the first priority, AEs will continue to come in for processing, and daily PV activities will continue. New therapeutic information […]

Patient Safety

Patient Safety Improvement with a National Health Record

Patient Safety is the result of practices and policies that healthcare organizations employ to protect patients from preventable harm. A National Health Record would help mitigate some main contributors to patient safety issues, such as medication errors, timely reporting of critical health events and data availability for care teams. Medication Errors According to Agency for […]

3 Reasons Why an Enterprise Data Warehouse Works

Is your job composed of data analysis? Are you in charge of mapping or testing a healthcare enterprise data warehouse (EDW) implementation? Are you working with programs on Oracle, DB2, Google BigQuery or Db2 Warehouse on Cloud? Why? Employees can often get accustomed to the daily routine and lose sight of the big picture. Organizations […]

A Hospital That Shares Mistakes For The Greater Good

  This struck me as interesting: The Boston Globe wrote an article on how doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) are encouraged to share medical errors. In fact, they are asked to do so, knowing that the information will be published in a case study-like format for the public to see. The objective is […]

Let’s work on the demise of the healthcare clipboard!

The solution is a Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) which is an initiative that aligns the areas of technology, interoperability, standards utilization, harmonization, and business information systems necessary to make the elimination of the healthcare clipboard possible.