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Life Sciences Companies Can Establish Better Relationships

It used to be that a doctor was a patient’s only touch point for a diagnosis and prescription. Today, patients have many more avenues to get the information they seek, which has led to higher expectations from patients. Fortunately, life sciences companies have the opportunity to understand, educate, and treat patients by successfully engaging them. […]

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Why Savvy Healthcare Marketers Are Using Dynamics 365

Implementation of keen healthcare marketing strategies require the right tools. Healthcare organizations face mounting competition for patient loyalty, must continuously find ways to set themselves apart while enhancing engagement and delivering impactful outreach programs. Further complicating matters, consumers today expect you to know them and offer personalized communications and to deliver the right message, in […]

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Gartner ITxpo: Wave Three of Healthcare Consumer Engagement

At Gartner IT Expo, Jeff Cribbs, VP, Analyst, Gartner, gave a session on the third wave of healthcare consumer engagement. Harness a new wave of practices and technology to deliver consumer engagement for your healthcare organization: Consumer access and control of health data will fundamentally change the health data economy. In wave three, digital becomes […]

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Driving Patient Engagement at Dignity Health with Sitecore

It is exciting to see the breadth and depth of Perficient’s Digital Health capabilities making a difference in the market with Dignity Health and Sitecore. We all know that creating and delivering excellent end-to-end web experiences for patients is a key goal for healthcare, but you only have a shot of getting there with an […]

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How the IoT will Impact Healthcare

Let’s be honest, when it comes to our health we all want prompt and personal care. As a patient, we want the cost to be low, and the feeling of empowerment to be prevalent throughout the experience. Our world is becoming increasingly connected through the development of technology. With these extensive levels of connectivity, the […]

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Seamless Digital Experience to Drive Patient/Consumer Engagement

As a healthcare provider, there are a number of discrete digital tools on your website that form part of the entire patient/consumer digital experience. Each digital interaction through tools, such as a find-a-doctor app, patient portal, online appointment scheduler, virtual visit, health library, and symptom advice/checker, are meant to give patients a great, serviceable experience. Unfortunately, more […]

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Augmented Reality and Revolutionary Holograms in Healthcare

Increasing amounts of companies are tirelessly working on ways to capitalize on their use of virtual reality and its friend in technology, augmented reality. The current options are predominantly for entertainment purposes such as; designing advanced video games, 3-D movies, and more. However, with multiple opportunities focusing around visual, augmented reality has the chance to […]

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Patient Experience Must Become the Top Priority For Providers

Is healthcare shifting its focus to the patient and making emotional experience a priority? What to know Healthcare practitioners are developing two contradictory goals; improve the health of the population, while reducing costs. Organizations are presently struggling to remain above the profit margin because the healthcare system was designed and developed to increase revenue by […]

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How to Improve Patient Interactions with Web Analytics

Monitoring website traffic and evaluating its performance are the first steps in web analytics for your provider site. Analyzing web data to identify ways to better engage patients-consumers across the site is fundamental. Optimizing key visitor task conversion funnels and working towards improving the overall health of your site are just a few ideas to […]

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Hospital at Home: An Effective Model for Acute Care Patients

Remote patient monitoring has been implemented over the last few years in select use cases with varied success based on the level of patient and provider team engagement. A new model that is gaining widespread adoption is Hospital at Home, developed by Bruce Leff, professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins. Hospital at Home provides remote […]

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6 Key Takeaways About Customer Experience (CX) In Life Sciences

The previous 12 posts in this series have taken us on quite a journey. We started by defining the term “customer” in the context of pharma and med device, discussed why “customer” and “customer experience” (CX) matter in life sciences, and rounded it out by walking through each of the seven dimensions of CX maturity […]

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Customer Experience (CX) Dimension #7: Culture

The seventh (and final!) of the seven customer experience (CX) dimensions discussed in Perficient Digital’s CX guide is Culture. Even though it comes at the end, numerically, if you look at the diagram, it leads right back into strategy and the rest of the dimensions. That’s because it’s culture that actually keeps the CX wheel […]

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Customer Experience (CX) Dimension #6: Measurement

The sixth of the seven customer experience (CX) dimensions discussed in Perficient Digital’s CX guide is Measurement. For those of you who have been with me through the previous five (and the other posts in the series before that), thank you! We are in the home stretch of translating Perficient Digital’s 24-page CX guide to […]

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Customer Experience (CX) Dimension #5: Operations

The fifth of the seven customer experience (CX) dimensions discussed in Perficient Digital’s CX guide is Operations. You can see in the diagram below that the first and most critical dimension, Customer Insight, sits squarely on top of Operations. That’s no coincidence! Technology + Operations = BFFs I’m sure you’ve experienced this before: you invest […]

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Customer Experience (CX) Dimension #4: Enabling Technologies

The fourth of the seven customer experience (CX) dimensions discussed in Perficient Digital’s CX guide is Enabling Technologies. No matter how great your first three dimensions are (customer insight, strategy, and design process), without the right technology and surrounding business processes, you won’t be able to bring anything to life. CX Technology Selection Selecting the […]

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Customer Experience (CX) Dimension #3: Design Process

The third of the seven customer experience (CX) dimensions discussed in Perficient Digital’s CX guide is Design Process. Once you have your customer insights (first dimension) and your strategy (second dimension), the next step is to tackle design. Remember that, in life sciences, “customer” means many things (e.g., patient, physician, clinical site, clinical subject, research […]

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Customer Experience (CX) Dimension #2: Strategy

The second of the seven customer experience (CX) dimensions discussed in Perficient Digital’s CX guide is Strategy. You can see in the diagram below that it sits right on top of the first (and most critical) dimension: Customer Insight. CX Strategy Purpose and Scope Within the context of CX, strategy encompasses the description of the […]

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Webinar: Why Personalization is a “Must” in Healthcare

While the thought of delivering a personalized experience in healthcare can be overwhelming, the value it provides is undeniable. As the industry moves to a more consumer-centric model, healthcare organizations need to engage with patients and members on an individual level. Healthcare organizations that utilize technology to provide a relevant, high-touch and personalized experience are […]

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8 Patient Expectations That Can’t Be Ignored

When it comes to patient engagement half the battle is understanding what the patient expects and the other half is meeting (or exceeding) those expectations. Patients, as consumers in other industries have rising expectations. And with technology rapidly changing the consumer landscape the demands of patients will continue to evolve. The healthcare consumerism movement has […]

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Avoid Telehealth Pitfalls by Addressing These Critical Questions

As you prepare for your “healthcare everywhere” journey, you need to keep three questions in mind: Have you assessed your organization against the digital transformation maturity curve? Do you have a core foundation of Connected Health, interoperability, and data management solutions available as you mature? Have you created the necessary tools and campaigns to ensure […]

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