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Moving Off Discoverer

If you missed our webinar, A Customer’s Take on Moving from Discoverer to Oracle Business Analytics, the on-demand recording is now available for immediate viewing. If you are currently using Discoverer, hear directly from a Perficient customer, Gary Aragon with Group Voyagers, who made the move from Discoverer to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) in […]

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KScope17 Session: Complex Data Security Made Easy in Oracle BI

Perficient is exhibiting and presenting this week at KScope17 in San Antonio, TX.  I delivered my presentation yesterday on modeling complex data security in Oracle BI.  Here is the abstract for my presentation: Learn how to build a position based security model to enable a position can view all it’s direct reports’ marketing/sales performance; learn […]

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Vacation Planning for Hyperion Administrators

When planning an out-of-town vacation, do you diligently ensure that you have someone lined up to water your plants, feed your goldfish, and keep an eye on your home?   What about your Hyperion environment? Do you hire a managed services provider to take care of your systems and watch over your applications while you are […]

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A Logical Solution to Financial Reporting Using OBIEE and Essbase

Effective and efficient financial reporting is crucial for the success of semiconductor companies.  It is critical to track revenue, shipments, and order backlogs in order to properly utilize company assets.  In addition to understanding the current financial position of the company, there needs to be visibility into company forecasts in order to do proper financial and manufacturing planning. Data […]

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See OBIEE 12c in Action: Configure Sample App Demo Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I explained how to prepare your system for VirtualBox and download and extract the .ova file from the Oracle OTN site.  This post describes how to deploy the image, setup the virtual machine settings, how to set up your network adapters and run a critical patch.  At that point […]

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Using ODI Multiple Export Utility

This post explains the process of using ODI Export Multiple Objects utility to export selected multiple ODI objects and importing them individually. ODI introduced a new feature ‘Smart Export’ from version 11.1.16, This feature automates the process of exporting/importing all objects related to your change, As BIAPPS OOTB ODI repository contains thousands of objects smart […]

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How to Raise the Custom Exception in ODI

This post will explain the process to raise the custom exception in ODI. Process: Create a variable to store the custom error message Create a procedure to read the error message from the variable and raise the exception. Create a package to set the value in the custom error variable and execute the raise exception […]

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ODI Load Plan Success Email with Execution Log File Attached

This post explains the process to unload ODI session log information Ex:  Session name, run-time, number of records inserted etc. from SNP_SESSION table to a delimited file and attach it to a Load Plan success notification email. This attachment can be used to identify the Session’s which are running longer than usual and causing performance issues, […]

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9 Ways Oracle BI Cloud Positioned to Offer Governance & Agility

When it comes to choosing the right Cloud BI platform, there is usually a trade off between governance and centralization on one hand and agility on the other. BI software vendors like Tableau and Qlik, that are relatively newer to the game than traditional BI platforms, have changed the rules of what defines a better BI […]

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Steps to Execute Full Load in BIAPPS

In BIAPPS whenever a ODI package is executed it reads  W_ETL_LOAD_DATES table to verify if a record exists with that package name. If record found package is executed in incremental mode else Full load mode. In incremental mode package will update the last_executed_date of existing record in W_ETL_LOAD_DATES table and in Full load mode package will insert […]

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ODI Load Plan Failure Email Notification with Log File Attached

This post explains the process to unload an error message from ODI repository log tables SNP_LPI_STEP_LOG, SNP_LPI_EXC_LOG to .txt file and attach it to a Load Plan failure notification email. Process: Create ‘Error_Notification’ package which uses ODISqlUnload utility to unload error message from log tables and write into text file, OdiSendMail utility to send email […]

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Restoring Aging Snapshot Data in Finance Analytics

Whenever a Full load is executed, all target tables are truncated and reloaded. This can result in missing historical data in Aggregate or Snapshot tables. Once erased, such historical data cannot easily be replaced. In order to preserve Account Payables (AP) and Account Receivables (AR) Snapshot data from aging invoice tables W_AP_AGING_INVOICE_A and W_AR_AGING_INVOICE_A, OOTB […]

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Automating Load Plan to check previous Load status in ODI

The most common problem with ODI incremental loads: whenever a prior incremental load fails, we have to manually inactivate the load plan schedule and update the agent schedule to stop executing the next load. Once the prior incremental load’s issue is fixed and its execution completed successfully, we have to activate the load plan schedule […]

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Sell More: Drive Revenue Growth with Analytics

In this 20-minute demo, watch how Perficient can accelerate your adoption of a state-of-the-art Sales Analytics solution leveraging Oracle’s BI Cloud Service and Perficient’s long history of implementing BI solutions for the Sales Line of Business. If you are a VP of Sales, a Sales Manager or an individual Sales Rep, you will find this BI solution valuable for staying on […]

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Why is Oracle’s OBIEE 12c Important?

Last week, Oracle released version 12c of OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition). There are several features that are new to 12c, among which is the UI which has now been updated to become more modern compared to the prior 11g interface. The most interesting feature that has been added is the new Data Visualization […]

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24 Hrs BI availability using Oracle Partitioning/Swap methodology

This blog deals with  Global Organizational Data needs where there is insufficient window of non-Business hours to run heavy batch loads and at the same time a provision to access the data 24 hours with  negligible or no interference. Why 24 hours availability is needed? Organizations have a high need for 24 hour availability of […]

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Oracle OBIEE 11g Patches ( and

Although OOW15 is getting all the headlines, including the announcement of OBIEE 12c (more info to come), Oracle has announced two new Patch Set Updates (PSU) for OBIEE 11g. OBIEE Bundle Patch  is available for Windows64, Linux32 and Linux64; this document details the installation and bug fixes. OBIEE Bundle Patch is available […]

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#OOW15 Session Recap: Oracle Policy Automation in 2 Minutes

Oracle Policy Automation in 2 minutes! No, that is not a teaser. After watching a 2-minute demonstration of Oracle’s Policy Automation at Oracle OpenWorld 2015, it is clear that the potential of this tool is unlimited, and the impact on customer service is virtually unlimited. With useful applications in everything from healthcare to telecom, the […]

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Oracle’s Big Data Discovery in the Cloud

Larry Ellison ends his welcome keynote at Oracle Open World on Sunday evening with Big Data. He announces 2 new cloud services from Oracle related to big data: 1. Big Data Preparation: A cloud product that serves to prepare, repair, enrich, govern and publish data before its ready for analysis. For instance if you are […]

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