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Magic Johnson presents a keynote address at NRF 2024.

NRF Recap: How Brands Can Create Great Experiences

Justin Racine, Principal of Unified Commerce recently attended the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show in New York City. Every year, NRF brings industry leaders and innovators together to dive into the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of retail. This year the show brought together more than 40,000 people and showcased insights from […]

Passenger Airplane Flying Above Clouds At Sunrise

Retail in 2023 Is All About “Breaking Through” – An NRF Preview

Ever been on an airplane? Sure, of course you have. Ever been on a plane taking off with bad weather? I’m sure you have, too. It can be a little unsettling taking off into dark storm clouds, especially because you can’t see where the plane is going. However, regardless of what the weather is like […]

Top Trends in Consumer Markets for 2016

This year is shaping up to be the best year for the retail and consumer products segments since the recession. Moody’s recently upgraded its retail forecast to a 5.3% growth rate in 2016, almost double the growth rate in the last few years, with particularly strong growth expected in home improvement and grocery. Although apparel […]

Sharing our retail success stories at NRF 2016

Moody’s recently upgraded its retail forecast to a 5.3% growth rate in 2016, almost double the growth rate in the last few years. We’ve done a lot for retail companies in the past two years to plan for this growth and evolve and improve their systems to accommodate it. Because we are so focused on helping our […]

From a Shopper to Retailers: Personalize Me All You Want

Earlier this week, I attended NRF Retail’s BIG Show 2015 in NYC. Wow – what an incredible show in an incredible city. It was my first trip to both NRF and also NYC. I can’t imagine a better place for Retail’s Big Show to be hosted. There is so much to take in including the size, multiple vendors […]

NRF – Day 1 Recap with Jim & Michael

JH: So, Michael, speaking of the NRF, you said it was “BIG” – truth or fiction, then? MF: Bigger isn’t always better, but this year it’s true. And what a difference a year makes! More traffic, more energy, and conversations that are going to change everything. But I speak with hyperbole, and you are the master […]

Top 5 Digital Trends for Back-to-School Season in Retail

I came across NRF’s infographic on the Top 2014 Back-to-School and College Trends. Let’s break this down and look at how the new “connected consumer” era of retail is impacting shopping trends through digital and technology channels. Here are 5 top digital trends from the survey: 44% will purchase items online, up from 37% last […]

‘Big’ Takeaways from Retail’s NRF14 Big Show

So, The Big Show is over for 2014. What are the key takeaways? First, retail is healthy. Not everybody is, that’s for sure, but the industry as a whole is healthy. I was reminded by a longtime colleague yesterday of the mood five years ago, when the financial crisis had hit, and the recession was […]

Top Quotes and Notes from the Field at NRF

The NRF’s Big Show is underway and already there’s a lot of information out there to consume and reflect upon. I thought it would be helpful to compile some insights and thoughts around some of the most talked about retail technologies at NRF this year.  Supply Chain and Commerce “The last mile wars are just […]

NRF: 5 Things Every Retail CIO Needs to Know

We know it’s a new year when the NRF Big Show kicks off in January.  Each year we migrate to New York City to see the best and brightest of retail for the next year.  This year is no exception – and like the holiday shopping season just passed, we go looking for the new […]